Kim Jae-un, chief of Inje Fire Station

Kim Jae-un, the seventh chief of Inje Fire, took office on the 10th.

Chief Kim Jae-un, 44, entered firefighting in 2005 as the 13th Fire Cadet. Starting with the Fire Administration Division, the Special Rescue Team, and the Protective Rescue Department, the Cheorwon, Chuncheon, and Hongcheon Fire Departments, Gangwon-do Fire Department Headquarters.

Captain Kim, who had a warm and friendly character and a strong working force, was able to work throughout the field and the center. He is from Mokpo, Jeonnam, and graduated from Inha University and have a wife and two children.

Kim Jae-un said, “We will focus our efforts on maximizing the professional skills of our employees and implementing preemptive preventive measures in the spirit of every consideration.

Meanwhile, former director Kim Jae-hong will move to Busan Fire Principal.

2004년 제13기 소방간부후보생23

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