Special firefighting safety management facilities 2020. Safety Measures for Special Fire Safety Facilities

Ⅳ. detailed process plan


Systematic firefighting special investigation by function and scale [Protection and Structure Division]

According to the scale and functional characteristics of special management facilities
↳ Clarify the subject and subject of the investigation

○ Survey target: 6 places
(Korea Airport Corporation Wonju Airport, Hoengseong Station, Dunnae Station, Yukjeol, Pungsuwon Cathedral, Hoengseong Hyanggyo)
○ Survey
-Korea Airports Corporation Wonju Airport, Hoengseong Station, Dunnae Station: Headquarters separate plan
-Beef Jelly, Fengshui Cathedral, and Hoenghyanggyo Bridge: 2020. Promotion of Spring Fire Prevention Measures
○ Formation of investigation team: Special firefighting team (1 group of 2), etc.
-If necessary, joint inspection of experts in each field such as professor, engineer, safety agency, and Hoengseong-gun Planning & Audit Office is possible.
(Payment of civilian compensation at the time of joint inspection)
○ Method: Utilize the Special Firefighting Investigation Report, use the civil service card ※ Same as the Special Firefighting Investigation


Special management facility fire reduction activity [Protection and Rescue Division]

Activation of autonomous fire safety diagnosis, including inspection of its own appearance
○ It is recommended to conduct external inspection at least once a month by the related person (fire safety manager).
* In accordance with Exhibit 1 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Fire Protection Act, public institutions are obliged to conduct at least one inspection every month.
○ Ask for the external inspection of parallel safety education during the special firefighting investigation
□ Raising awareness of fire safety for managers and supervisors through customized training
○ (Present Status) Firefighting training centered on fire safety management practitioners and minority employees
-Currently, self-fire fighting training is mostly aimed at working staff or a small number of employees, limiting raising awareness of fire safety.
○ (Promotion plan) Customized training for managers and supervisors by special management facility
-(Educational target) High-ranking position of fire safety manager as management / supervisor by facility
-(Education method) Parallel to each fire investigation
-(Educational content) Importance of comprehensive safety management Education, facility usage, etc.

□ Strengthen various fire prevention promotional activities
○ Promote fire prevention to users along with related persons in special management facilities
-Target: Korea Airports Corporation Wonju Airport, Hoengseong Station, Dunnae Station
-Contents: Promote the use of leaflets such as emergency exit information when investigating multi-use facilities

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