Guidance on Prevention of Mass Events Related to “Corona Virus Infection”

I Purpose and basic direction

  1. Purpose

□ Infected disease prevention and management procedures and measures necessary for holding large-scale events, festivals, and tests (including crowd meetings *) in Korea in relation to new coronavirus infections

* The World Health Organization (WHO) defines crowd gatherings as “meetings with enough people to burden public health resources, such as the health care of the host community, city or country.”

□ In addition, the organizers and local governments (health centers) should present measures to prevent and manage new coronavirus infections during group events.

□ However, this guideline presents only the basic matters of quarantine management for group events, and can be flexibly applied or transformed into detailed guidelines in consideration of the nature, target, schedule and environment of group events.

  1. Basic Direction

□ Organizers will carry out collective events while fully carrying out preventive measures to prevent new coronavirus infections.

ㅇ However, ① It is difficult for the organizing agency to carry out quarantine measures during the preparation period and during the event. Events can be adjusted or delayed or reduced.

※ Currently, it is not necessary to postpone or cancel group events as it is time to prevent the influx of new coronavirus infections in Korea and focus on blocking the spread of community.

□ The organizing agency will establish and operate a cooperative system with local governments (health centers) in the planning of countermeasures against new coronavirus infections.

□ In addition, support for thorough hygiene management and related infrastructure for personnel participating in group events to prevent new coronavirus infection

New Coronavirus Infection Countermeasures

  1. Organizing agency

□ Measures to prepare for group events

ㅇ Cooperation system for local government

-Establish a hotline to connect with local governments when symptoms occur among participants

 * Public health center, nearby screening clinic, call center (☎Area code +120 or ☎1339)

-Designate a ‘new coronavirus symptom reporter in charge’ within the group event organization to report the symptoms of symptom among the group event participants and participants

ㅇ Enough soap and hand sanitizer in group event

ㅇ Place the response letter summarized at the venue in several places.

 * Placement of promotional materials in major official languages ​​such as English at international events

ㅇ Considering the infection characteristics (spray infection) of the new coronavirus, the contents of the group events were excluded from those in which the participant was in close contact with the respiratory propagation.

 * Consider programs and environments that can cause sneezing, runny nose, sputum and cough

ㅇ In case of suspected participants (“suspect patients”) who are suspected of having a new type of coronavirus infection, preliminary preparation and training of training staff will be conducted for prompt response.

-Securing the quarantine space inside the facility to prevent waiting for suspect patients, and providing quarantine items such as thermometers and health masks

  * The quarantine area is a well-ventilated space that can be closed and restricted to only those wearing the designated health mask.

-Proactive health education for the prevention of infections, including information on new coronavirus infections, infection prevention rules, and behavioral tips

   * Chinese visitors and bequest boxes within the last 14 days are not allowed to participate as progress agents.

① Those who have had fever or respiratory symptoms within 14 days of visiting China

② A person who has had a fever, respiratory symptoms or other unknown pneumonia within 14 days of traveling to a country or overseas destination where a new coronavirus infection is prevalent.

  • Contact of confirmed patients is not allowed to participate in self-isolation.
    (However, the extent of suspect patients can be changed according to the guidelines of the CDC.) ㅇ Take measures to reduce the risk of crowding and infection at collective venues -(Guide) Inform or inform the participants of the following

① Don’t participate in the event if you visit China, etc. within the last 14 days, or have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat.

② If you must participate, wear a mask and participate.

-Minimize contact by providing separation space for inevitable participants

  * In case of test, separate space, separate transportation

-Review the operational plan to minimize crowd congestion as much as possible

  * Adjust time to distribute participants, increase transportation, etc.

□ Measures during the group event

ㅇ If suspected cases are found, immediately report to the public health center

Suspicious patients should be put on surgical or health masks and waited in an isolated containment area until there is action at the public health center.

  * Persons in contact with patients, etc. before the arrival of the public health center must wear a health mask

ㅇ Supporting rapid transfer of suspect patients to screening clinics

-After transfer, containment area should be disinfected and temporarily closed until completion

ㅇ Continuous dissemination of attention messages to participants during group events

-If you have any symptoms of new coronavirus infection, report immediately

  1. Local Governments (Health Centers)

□ Measures to prepare for group events

ㅇ Establish a public health / emergency response plan by conducting detailed risk assessment of outbreaks of new coronavirus infection

① Period of group events and number of participants

② The participant’s density and contact with the participant (concert / religious event, outdoor / indoor, etc.), the participant’s registration, and the potential exposure of the participant

③ Ability to cope with new coronavirus infections of local governments where collective events are held (infection prevention and management, medical institutions and quarantine, treatment, etc.)

ㅇ The response plan must be established and checked jointly by all related organizations.

 * (Organizer) Medical workers, transfer officers / local governments (health centers), and other necessary institutions (review medical institutions, accommodations, health and environment research institutes, etc.)

ㅇ Designating a group organizer-health center representative and establishing an emergency contact network

-Secure wired contacts such as group events, public health centers, designated hospital treatment quarantine beds, and regional base hospitals

-Establish a cooperative system by identifying and contacting persons in charge, including health managers and leaders in charge of group events (groups, etc.)

ㅇ Monitoring and reporting system for new coronavirus infection

-(Reporting System) Group Event Hosting Agency → Public Health Center → City, Provincial and Disease Management Headquarters

ㅇ If necessary, secure medical facilities and human and physical resources against suspected patients

-Review the designation of major group events places and temporary treatment places in the surrounding area

-Personal items (health mask, disposable gloves, etc.), thermometer, hand sanitizer, etc. should be secured in consideration of the size of the event and the nature of the event.

ㅇ Education and promotion of infection prevention for participants

-Training on preventive measures for new coronavirus infection and behavioral tips in case of suspected patients

-Promotional notice for new coronavirus infection prevention at the venue

-Promoting new coronavirus infection disease information and infection prevention rules around the collective event hall (hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.)

ㅇ Use for appropriate information, contact tracking and reporting through appropriate communication channels such as hotlines

□ What to do if you suspect a new coronavirus infection
※ All response plans will be implemented in accordance with the new Coronavirus Infection Response Guidelines.

ㅇ After reporting the matters reported by the group event organ to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they will be dispatched to the field to identify the situation and transfer the suspected patients to the screening clinic according to the response guideline. Secured

ㅇ Report suspected patient occurrence and measures to the Center for Disease Control and, if necessary, consult with the city or province to decide whether to continue group events

-Discontinue or postpone group events if deemed difficult to proceed, including preventive measures and confusion.

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