Gangwon Gift Card

The revised rules of the Gangwon-do Delegation Rules, which have been reviewed and resolved at the 1st Ordinance Rules Council (2020.1.30.), Shall be promulgated as follows:

강원상품권 모바일용포스터 시안3(최종)-01

February 14, 2020

Gangwon-do Governor
Choi Moon Soon

Gangwon-do Rule No. 3164

Regulations on the Enforcement Regulations of Issuance and Operation of Gangwon Gift Certificates

The entire regulation of the issuance and operation of Gangwon Gift Certificates is amended as follows.

Enforcement Regulations of Issuance and Operation of Gangwon Gift Certificate

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this rule is to prescribe the matters delegated by the Ordinance of Issuance and Operation of Gangwon Gift Certificates and the matters necessary for its implementation.

Article 2 (Definition) The definitions of terms used in this rule are as follows.

  1. The term “electronic gift certificate” means a mobile, card, etc., which has been marked or entered electronically by the amount of the gift certificate issued under Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Kangwon Gift Certificate Issuance and Operation Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as “The Ordinance”). Refers to a gift voucher in the form.
  2. “Electronic Gift Certificate Management System” refers to a system in which all operations such as issuance, sale (including sales through recharge, etc.), payment, and currency exchange are performed through the information and communication network.

Article 3 (Types and Issuance of Gift Certificates) The face value of Gangwon Gift Certificates (hereinafter referred to as “Gift Certificates”) issued under Articles 3 and 4 of the Ordinance shall be three types of 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 won, respectively. do. However, if it is deemed necessary by the Governor of Gangwon Province (hereinafter referred to as the “Governor”), it may be decided differently.

Article 4 (Designation and Management of Agencies) ① A financial company, an electronic financial company, or an electronic financial assistant who intends to be designated as an agency under Articles 2 (2) and 6 (1) of the Ordinance shall contract a gift certificate and entrustment management. Shall be concluded.
(2) The Governor may conclude a contract pursuant to paragraph (1) with a person who has been designated or approved for operation by the State as an operating institution in relation to his / her jurisdiction.
(3) The commission and trust management contract under paragraph (1) means “agent agreement”.
④ The contract period pursuant to Paragraph 1 shall be less than two years, and both parties shall express their intention to terminate the contract or change the contract in writing until three months before the expiration of the contract period. However, in the absence of a declaration of intention, the contract will be deemed to be extended under the same conditions.
⑤ The agency shall prepare, sign or seal a paper voucher delivered by the Korea Mint Corporation in accordance with Article 3 (2) of the Ordinance in accordance with the Form No. 1 attached to the official in charge.
⑥ The agency shall record and manage the status of receipt of paper vouchers according to Form No. 2, and enter the contents into the account book for sales and management of vouchers.
(7) The agency shall prepare and submit to the Governor the general operational status of the gift certificates, such as sales volume and currency exchange amount, pursuant to Article 6 (3) of the Ordinance, in accordance with Form No. 3. However, if it is possible to verify electronically, such as an electronic gift certificate management system, it may be replaced with the submitted one.

강원상품권 모바일용포스터 시안3(최종)-02

Article 5 (Registration of Merchants) ① A person who intends to register as a merchant shall prepare and submit the attached Form No. 4 to the Governor, and agree to the compliance requirements of the affiliated gift certificate merchants.
② If the registered matters are to be changed, the provisions of Paragraph 1 shall apply.
③ When registering under paragraph (1), he / she shall agree to the collection and use of personal information.
(4) The Governor may refuse to register a person who intends to register as a merchant under paragraph (1) if he / she operates any business or place of business that is not suitable for the purposes of this Act, as follows:

  1. A large-scale store as prescribed in subparagraph 3 of Article 2 of the Distribution Industry Development Act.
  2. “Meaning Industry” in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Aggregate Supervisory Commission Act, and “Illegal Execution Industry” under No. 3
  3. If the Governor admits that it does not meet the purpose of the bylaws.
    ⑤ The Governor shall decide whether or not to register within 5 days of receiving the merchant application and notify the reporter of the result online. However, the period may be extended if necessary.
    ⑥ The Governor shall draw up the registration status of affiliated stores in accordance with the Form No. 5 for the smooth distribution of gift certificates and disclose them on the Gangwon Gift Certificate homepage.
    ⑦ The Governor, in spite of paragraph 1, is registered as a merchant of a small business simple payment system (a financial information processing operation system that receives goods or services from a small business company and pays and pays the money). It is assumed to be specified. However, businesses and workplaces falling under grounds for rejection under paragraph 4 shall be excluded.

Article 6 (Compliance Matters) ① Each member store shall comply with the following items.

  1. Do not receive vouchers without the sale of goods or the provision of services.
  2. Issue a cash receipt if the gift voucher desires it.
  3. To fulfill the duty of good faith regarding the use and currency of gift certificates.
  4. In addition, implement the merchant’s compliance requirements according to the asterisk.
    ② If a user gains profits by using a gift certificate in an illegal way, the Governor may recover the unfair profits.
    ③ The employer shall cooperate with the normal distribution of gift certificates to activate the local economy.

Article 7 (Cancellation of Registration of Merchants, etc.) ① The Governor may cancel registration of a merchant in the following cases.
1.If the merchant is registered by a false or other illegal method

  1. In violation of Articles 5 and 6 of the Act
  2. If he / she has not fulfilled other matters prescribed by the Governor.
    (2) The Governor may restrict the handling of gift certificates for two years from the date of cancellation for merchants whose membership is canceled pursuant to paragraph (1).
    ③ If the Governor cancels the registration, the Governor shall notify the relevant merchants and agencies and disclose it on the Internet homepage of the Gangwon Gift Certificate for the user to know.

Article 8 (Purchasing method and fee, etc.) ① Vouchers can be sold only at the agency, and when purchasing, payment methods can be made only by cash, such as wire transfer, for individuals, and cash and corporate cards (check cards). I include it).
(2) The Governor may sell discounted periods and targets within the scope of the following subparagraphs to promote the distribution of gift certificates.
1.In case of individual purchase: up to 10%, maximum limit of 1 million won per month

  1. In case of purchasing a corporation: up to 2%, maximum limit of 100 million won per year (50 million won each for electronic and paper)
    ③ An individual or a corporate user who intends to make a discount purchase pursuant to paragraph (2) shall submit an application form for purchasing a gift certificate in Form 6 of the attached sheet to the agency. However, electronic gift certificates shall be replaced by the authentication and purchase of personal information through the electronic gift certificate management system.
    ④ The Governor may determine the types of corporate cards that can be used to purchase and purchase vouchers, and may support the costs of discount sales and the fees incurred when paying the corporate card within the budget.
    (5) The gift voucher sales and exchange fee provided to the agency by the Governor shall be determined by the Gift Voucher Agency Agreement.
    ⑥ The agency shall claim the commissions such as discount sales, sales, exchange, etc. by the 5th of the following month, based on the end of each month, and the governor shall pay the payment within 10 days of the request. However, if there are special reasons related to billing and payment, it may be dealt with in consultation with the agency.
    ⑦ The Governor shall announce the discount period, the discount rate, and the subject of the discount 10 days before the start of the discount sale pursuant to Paragraph 2, and shall announce it when the type of corporate card pursuant to Paragraph 4 has been determined.

Article 9 (Exchange of Gift Certificates, etc.) (1) When a merchant exchanges money pursuant to Article 10 of the bylaws, the merchant may make a request for exchange at the agency by making a request for exchange according to the Form No.7.
② The payment deadline under Article 10 of the Ordinance shall be until the day after the claim is made, and in the case of special reason, it may be within 3 business days.
③ The basic exchange limit of the merchant is 10 million won per month, and if the exchange amount exceeds 10 million won per month, the applicant may submit an application for exceeding the exchange limit according to the attached Form No. 8, and the Governor shall next apply within 14 days of receiving the application. The period of money may be approved by the merchant by setting a period of time based on the criteria of each subparagraph.
1.If the affiliate’s monthly sales amount is more than 20 million won or less than 30 million won
Up to 20 million won

강원상품권 모바일용포스터 시안3(최종)-03
  1. The average monthly sales amount of merchants is over 30 million won or less than 40 million won
    Up to 30 million won
  2. The average monthly sales amount of merchants is more than 40 million won ~ less than 50 million won
    Up to 40 million won
  3. If the member’s monthly sales amount is over 50 million won, up to 50 million won
    (4) The Governor may approve the currency exchange limit of merchants from within 50 million won to twice as much during the current month and the following month of the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays when the collection of gift certificates is concentrated.
    ⑤ In the case of an electronic gift certificate, the merchant can exchange the gift certificate through the electronic gift certificate management system, and the user can apply for a refund from the electronic gift certificate management system. In this case, the agency shall pay cash through the account within three business days.

Article 10 (Management and Disposal of Paper Gift Certificates) (1) An agent shall, in accordance with Article 10 of the Ordinance, treat paper gift certificates that have been exchanged at a merchant so that they cannot be reused through perforation, etc. without special reasons such as forgery and alteration.
② The agency shall keep the exchanged gift certificates for 1 year for the real and 5 years for the copy (image scan) for each date and category. The physical vouchers and copies of the expired storage period shall be disposed of at the place where the official in charge of each quarter attends the next month of each quarter, and shall be submitted to the Governor by preparing a disposal document in accordance with Annex 9 form.
(3) If the issue of duplicate payments occurs within five years from the date of collection, the agency shall be able to retrieve the image or the actual image of the gift certificate.

Article 11 (Damage, etc. of Gift Certificates) (1) An agent shall exchange a damaged gift certificate when the user of the gift certificate requests a replacement application for a contaminated or damaged gift certificate in accordance with Form 10 of the Appendix. However, the cost of the exchange shall be borne by the gift certificate user within the actual cost range.
② A gift voucher can be recognized as a voucher, but if the type, amount or quantity of vouchers is unclear, the voucher can be reissued or used as the lowest voucher within a range that can be checked.
③ If the electronic voucher cannot read the contents entered due to damage, etc., the user of the gift voucher may be exchanged for another voucher of the amount or quantity confirmed through the reading at the place designated by the Governor.

Article 12 (Operation of Electronic Gift Certificate Management System) ① A corporation, institution or organization designated as an electronic gift certificate agency pursuant to Article 4 shall manage and operate the electronic gift certificate management system (hereinafter referred to as the system).
② Electronic voucher agency should be able to solve and maintain security related problems such as errors and hacking that may occur during system operation.

Article 13 (Limit of Liability) The issuer shall not be responsible for the following gift certificates.
1.If the gift certificate has been damaged and cannot be identified or cannot be verified physically or electronically as a gift certificate issued by the Governor.

  1. In case of forgery, alteration or fraudulent publication or acquisition in an illegal manner;
  2. The gift card is stolen or lost

Article 14 (Designation of Public Officials in Charge) (1) The designation of a public official in accordance with Article 14 (1) of the Ordinance shall be deemed to have been designated in accordance with the division of duties of the department responsible for the gift certificate.
② If there is any change in the officials in charge, the receipt of the status of the gift certificate shall be prepared and stored according to the attached form No. 11.
(3) The books to be kept in accordance with Article 14 (1) of the Ordinance shall be in accordance with the Form No. 12 to the Form No. 15.

Article 1 (Effective Date) These Rules shall enter into force on the date of promulgation.
Article 2 (Transitional Measures Regarding Point of Use) Businesses that have reported to the point of use before the enforcement of these Rules shall be deemed to have registered with a merchant under Article 5.
Article 3 (Transitional Measures Regarding Agency) The agency shall maintain the agency status under the existing contract for the agency that entered into a trust and trust management contract before the enforcement of this rule. I think it changed to.
Article 4 (Transitional Measures Concerning the Over-exchange of Exchange Limits) If the exchange limit is approved in excess of 50 million won before the enforcement of this rule, it shall be deemed effective until the expiration date of the approval period.

■ Enforcement Regulations for Issuance and Management of Gangwon Gift Certificates [Attachment]

Kangwon Gift Certificate Merchant Compliance

Merchants handle gift certificates issued by the Governor of Gangwon-do (5,000 won, 10,000 won, 50,000 won).

Merchants must not refuse payment of a gift certificate or place a difference with a cash trader.

Merchants shall purchase goods that are equivalent to 60/100 or more (80/100/100 of gift certificates less than 10,000 won) of the amount of gift card (total amount if multiple coupons are used at the same time). If the user is provided with a credit card and the user requests the return of the balance, it must be paid in cash.

The Merchant shall smoothly resolve in accordance with the Arbitration Plan in the event of a dispute between the employer and the Merchant in relation to the handling of the Gift Certificate.

Merchants shall provide goods to the user after checking whether there is an abnormality (falsification, forgery, etc.) when handling gift certificates, and shall not handle gift certificates in any of the following cases.
1) Gift certificate not considered as a gift certificate issued by Governor of Gangwon Province
2) A gift certificate that has been damaged so that it cannot be identified as a gift certificate.

모바일 강원상품권 홍보 전단지

The Merchant shall promptly report to the investigating agency and take action if the Checked Gift Certificate is a counterfeit or forged gift card.

Merchants may request exchange of gift certificates from their agency from time to time.

The merchant has a basic exchange limit of 10 million won per month. If the exchange rate exceeds 10 million won per month, an application for exceeding the exchange limit may be submitted.

Merchants must register their deposit account with the agency and exchange it into their account for smooth exchange of gift certificates, and notify the agency immediately if there is any change.

If the merchant loses the voucher for payment due to theft, loss, fire or other reasons, it shall be the responsibility of the merchant.

Merchants may not provide or use any rights and contractual status held in respect of gift certificates to others as collateral such as assignments and mortgages.

If there is a change in merchants (trade names, business owners, etc.), it must be reapplied to handle the gift certificates issued by the Governor of Gangwon-do.

Merchants should attach signs, etc., for the convenience of users of gift certificates.

Merchants shall promote the use of gift certificates by issuing cash receipts and providing goods to users of gift certificates.

Merchants should do their best to ensure that users of gift certificates are not inconvenient.

Other matters shall be in accordance with the ordinances for the issuance and operation of Gangwon Gift Certificates, the same Ordinance Enforcement Rules, and the usual customs.

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