2030 Mid-to Long-term Promotion Plan for Safety Education for the Elderly

As Korea enters the ultra-aging society (21% of the population over 65) in 2027, it plans to implement safety education to see, feel, and experience the safety of the elderly.

어르신 아이콘 안전한 어르신 행복한 사회 119 소방청 2030 노인안전교육 중장기 추진 계획

□ Background
-Older people are vulnerable to safety at risk exposure due to physical impairment
-Many of the big fire deaths, including Jecheon and Miryang
-Lack of opportunity to receive safety education during rapid economic growth of ’60 ~ ’70s
-Reinforcement of education for the safety of the elderly for the elderly
-Expand safety experience facilities for the elderly
-Elderly Safety Experience Class established in the fire department
-Conducting education on mobile safety experience vehicles for each zone of fire vulnerable class
□ Various volunteer activities including health medical consultations and physical and beauty services
□ Coordinated education with volunteer centers and local health centers
□ Cooperate with Korea 119 Boys’ Volunteer Activities and cooperate with the school life record book
□ Image visualization through the use of emblems
-Publications, banners, official documents and brochures, leaflets,
-Promotional article production, SNS promotion, etc.
-‘Elderly driving’ caring sticker on elderly car
-Utilize production such as take away, patch, mouse pad

□ Promotion of emotions and empathy for the elderly
-Promote public relations activities to encourage participation in the use of ideas suitable for the elderly, such as playing games and coloring
-Making videos of various safety education cases and promoting YouTube
-Utilization and production of safety equipment KIT to prevent safety accidents of the elderly
-Promote ring back tone (coloring) such as administrative call

2016년 5월 24일 강릉시 양지뜰노인요양원 소방안전교육 DSC00762

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