Regulations on Fire Fighting Review Meeting

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[Enforcement 2020. 1. 20.] [Fire Provisions Regulation 35, January 20, 2020, partial revision.]

Fire department (Fire Response Division), 044-205-7472

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is to establish necessary matters concerning the composition and execution of the firefighting review committee and to promote its efficient operation.
Article 2 (Definition) In this regulation, the Fire Fighting Review Meeting (hereinafter referred to as “Review Meeting”) means the head of the city and metropolitan firefighting headquarters (hereinafter referred to as “the chief of firefighting headquarters”) or the head of the fire department, It is a meeting to analyze and review the situation of suppression activities under the convocation and to use it as data for fire prevention and suppression activities.
Article 3 (Limit of Holding Review Meeting) The review meeting shall be held in any of the following cases.
Where the head of the fire department deems necessary among the major, important and special fires pursuant to the Fire Investigation and Reporting Regulations;

When directed by a higher authority

In case other significant problems in fire suppression are found and the head of the fire department deems it necessary.
Article 4 (Date and Place of Review Meeting) ① The Review Meeting shall be held within 10 days of the date of the fire.
② The review meeting will be held at the firefighting headquarters or the fire department in charge of the fire.
Article 5 (Composition of Review Meeting) The Review Meeting shall be organized as follows.

end. In the event of a major fire, the officer is the head of the fire department.
I. In case of major fire or special fire, the controller shall be the competent fire chief, but if necessary, the chief of the fire department may do so.

end. Persons involved in firefighting activities (includes emergency department control departments and related agencies)
I. Preventive Affairs Officer
All. Other persons designating that a controller is necessary in consideration of the scale of fire and defense activities.
Article 6 (Preparation of Review Meeting) The competent fire chief shall prepare and prepare the firefighting activities necessary for the review meeting in the following ways.

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Completely fill in all terrain and work pieces that were defensively related to the surrounding remnants adjacent to the missing building.

The urban method for each structure of the building shall be indicated by green for wooden, yellow for fire and red for fire.

Fire occurrence The city method of the building should be a floor plan or a perspective view, making it easy to identify the fire.

The window entry department shall fill in the name of the 119 Safety Center (squadron name), the diameter of the waterproofing and the number of water used.

List the heading, wind direction, wind speed, building spacing and firing point, and burnout and burnout area.

In case of fire detection and on-site arrival, the combustion range shall be indicated by the main line and the cumulative area of ​​loss shall be entered. However, the combustion range at the time of first arrival shall be filled in at the conference hall, examining and explaining the situation at the arrival of the first landing.

In the firefighting chart, enter the roads, repairs, pumping departments, and water pipe extensions in the vicinity.

Scale should be accurate and enlarged as much as possible.

Roads indicate their source in meters.

The azimuth map must be filled in.

Fire fighting facilities shall fill in all the areas within the area by the prescribed symbols, pipe diameters for fire hydrants and the quantity for other facilities.

The dispatching team shall identify the location and water pipe of the fire truck with the name of the platoon with the designated symbols and distinguish them by the following colors.
end. First squad is red
I. 2nd squad is blue
All. The third squad is green
la. Cheerleaders are yellow

When writing a related object, write it according to a predetermined symbol example.

In cases where the use of a VTR and a review meeting are possible, subparagraphs 2, 3, 12 and 13 may be excluded.
Article 7 (Order of Review Meeting) The review meeting shall proceed in the following order.

Review of general condition before fire
end. Building and management situation
I. The firefighting facilities situation of the building
All. Geography and Fire Fighting Waters in the Neighborhood

Review of fire detection and fire notification situation
end. Fire situation at the time of filing a fire report and notification of report repair
I. Order of fire dispatch and notification to related organizations

Description of defense activities
end. Combustion conditions and defensive measures adopted on arrival at first arrival
I. Defensive behaviors of each member who participated in defensive activities (each platoon leader)
All. After explaining the defensive behavior of the first ship, comment by a nominee appointed by the controller.
la. Declaration of opinions by the field leader after explaining the defensive behavior of the first squad

Opinion of the person involved in defensive behavior

Opinion of person not involved in defensive behavior

Article 8 (Review Plan) ① The explanation of the review shall be explained by the firefighting activity chart, and the subject of the explanation shall be all those who participated in defensive actions.
② Review explanation suggests problems that may occur in defensive behavior process to obtain conclusion about suitability.
③ The review issues focused on the fact that the strengths and weaknesses of the behaviors were marked by the characteristics of each fire protection. A comprehensive review of the comprehensive situation room activities, rescue and first aid activities, site risk assessment and safety management will also be conducted.
④ The operation of the review meeting shall be conducted under the control of the controller, but in accordance with the following tips.

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Speaking at the review meeting shall be at the direction or permission of the controller.

The controller shall raise the problem in accordance with the defensive behavior, seek an explanation for it, and clarify the question about the explanation so that it can achieve the desired review effect.

Participants who are asked to explain briefly explain their actions and the consequences.

When the controller is deemed to be inadequate or ambiguous, the third officer shall seek the opinion of other participants.

Persons who do not participate in defensive actions directly may ask questions or comment on their explanations.
Article 9 (Report on Results) When a review meeting is held, the result shall be reported immediately to the Commissioner of the Fire Department.

Comprehensive report on firefighting activities according to the separate sheet

A copy of the minutes of each meeting recorded under Article 7
Article 10 (Results) The fire chief shall record and preserve the results of the review meeting and use the following data.

Daily education of employees

Fire protection and measure education

Identify problems and improvements, make future lessons, and contribute to the development of firefighting

Conservation of records contributes to the compilation of firefighters
Article 11 (Expiration Date) This Regulation shall be effective until June 30, 2022, when the Act shall be reviewed in accordance with the Regulations on Issuance and Management of Ordinances, Regulations, etc. after the issuance of this Regulation. Has

󰊱 Purpose of the meeting
Establish general matters on the formation and execution of firefighting activity review meetings (hereinafter referred to as review meetings).
활용 It is used for disaster response and policy development based on problems and improvements of the meeting.

󰊲 Meeting definition
Analyze and review the situation of suppression activities under the dispatch of fire squads (including the general situation room reception and control) and related organizations.

It will be used for future prevention and firefighting tactics as the results of the review meeting, progress, submission of seats, etc. In the course of the meeting, instead of focusing on the activities of the squad, intensive discussions and inquiries on obstacles, difficulties and problems in the mobilization team

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󰊳 Organization of meeting
During the fire fighting review meeting, the fire chief or chief of the fire department shall designate a controller, moderator, record manager, debater, and range of participants.
O The controller of the firefighting review committee is responsible for:
end. In the event of a major fire, the head of the fire department is responsible for the control officer.
I. In case of major fire or special fire, the controller shall be the competent fire chief, but if necessary, the chief of the fire department may do so.
All. Fire department (self): The chief of the fire protection department or the chief of the fire department is in charge.
la. The site command team (Director of the 119 Safety Center) is responsible for the site response department or the 119 Safety Center.
 The Presiding Officer presides over the review meeting and can ask questions or designate subjects for intensive discussions, request explanations on the overall response activities, and criticize the general matters after the conclusion of the review meeting. do.
O Moderators and records managers are designated and operated separately by the controller. However, the commander who is dispatched on the day cannot be the moderator, and the moderator can appoint an assistant person to facilitate the meeting smoothly.
Identify who should present the preparations, moderators’ progress guidelines, and their duties and roles.
O Debaters include all members present. However, if a smooth meeting and professional knowledge are required, the controller may designate a debater in advance.
O Intensive discussion on the damage situation, clarification of situational judgments and activities by function, mission and response organization charts, and clarification.
 Participants should attend the firefighting activities review meeting at the fire department level or above. An emergency rescue control group (internal worker) who has been involved in the situation management and can add an additional member if deemed necessary.

󰊴 Preparing for the meeting
 Seats are arranged in a circle or square and face-to-face format with all attendees.
 The supervising fire department may send a letter of participation in the firefighting review meeting to other fire departments and request that they participate in the meeting (video conference).
Fire department (participation in headquarters) must prepare video conferences in real time so that video and audio can be clearly recognized by other fire departments.
Fire departments conducting video conferences should prepare the following and ensure that the meetings run smoothly.
end. Video conference equipment (cam, microphone, notebook, amplifier, etc.) and meeting place environment
I. Utilizing the video conference system in Nara ⇒ Function check and sound quality check
All. Headquarters ⇔ Fire station ⇔ Check connection status between sound center and soundness
※ Video conference can be excluded in case of difficulty in meeting
 At the meeting, the following materials should be kept or prepared.
end. Firefighting data survey and information card (identifiable electronic document system)
I. Fire Fighting Review Meeting (PPT) and Paper Printouts
-Video and Photo
-Status of buildings subject to fire (plans and elevations, etc.)
Fire Overview
-Status and Control (General Disaster Prevention Center) Details
-Mobilization status of fire site (including related organizations)
-Fire department department (including related agencies)
-Time-phased measures (list key activities)
-Activities for each dispatching group (related organizations participating in the fire and disaster site)
-Intensive discussion about the problems and obstacles that were encountered during the suppression activities (about 5)
-List other contents deemed necessary for firefighting tactics and policy development.
All. Office equipment and broadcasting equipment necessary for conducting review meeting

󰊵 Meeting in progress
 The meeting should be conducted in accordance with the followings.
 Meetings can be divided into one or two parts according to the effective operation and progress.
O The moderator will briefly introduce the relevant organizations and participants.
 The moderator briefly explains and proceeds with basic situations such as weather conditions and traffic conditions of the day, and the procedure and contents of the meeting.
 Following the guidance of the moderator, briefly present general information including the following before the fire.
end. Status of buildings or facilities (hereinafter referred to as “buildings”) and management status
I. Status of safety facilities including firefighting facilities such as buildings
All. Geographic and environmental characteristics of nearby firefighting water facilities and surrounding buildings
Briefly describe the activities of the squad and related organizations that were dispatched to the field, and after the presentation, the attendees may ask questions briefly when in doubt.
 The 119 General Situation Control Officer or Fire Department Situation Room worker briefly announces the following.
end. Initial action by time of the reporter’s situation and dispatch order after receipt of report
I. Information propagation route and dispatching information from reporter and other materials
All. Communication details and measures with the support organization and each dispatch team
la. Other measures taken after receiving necessary matters from the site
O The first-run and jurisdiction teams will:
end. The situation at the time of receipt of dispatch order and the road situation and information acquired during dispatch
I. Initial situation judgment situation of the first commander or the competent commander and the corresponding situation
All. Combustion, accident type, progress (circumstance) and situation judgment upon first arrival
la. Measures according to the situation judgment and activity of the first ship
O The field response manager (commanding director) announces:
end. The situation at the time of receipt of dispatch order, the details of information acquisition route during dispatch, and the contents of information request
I. Action after receiving situation report from first arrival
All. Situation Judgment Status and Instructions
la. Situations and actions taken at the top of the commander’s view
hemp. Requirement such as first aid and request for support agency for on-site control
O The relevant agencies attending the disaster site shall announce:
end. Brief description of activities after arrival at disaster site
I. Disaster site difficulties or fire department requests and suggestions
All. Future improvement direction and disaster site collaboration through collaboration
 After completing the first part of the presentation to the relevant organization, the moderator may induce a question or ask the participant a question directly for the purpose of disagreeing with the contents of the presentation and raising other questions.
-The supervising fire department may operate a separate part-time review meeting only after the announcement and Q & A with the relevant agencies.

󰊶 Intensive Discussion
Intensive discussion on disaster site activities ⇒ Disaster policy development
 The control officer (host) should thoroughly prepare in advance such as radio recording, operation journal, and final report, and listen or distribute after discussing with headquarters officials.
 Outline the obstacles and problems in the firefighting activities (descriptors can be specified) according to the moderator’s progress. Can explain and ask questions about matters, mobilization of related organizations.
O In case of property damage only, the field response and the command team (team leader) collect each action and briefly explain and conduct intensive discussion.
-The damage is not big and the response can be omitted by the controller.
The victim of life loss is the commanding team leader (leader team leader), the rescue chief explains the point of acquisition of the personal information on the occurrence of disaster, the path of the acquisition, and the measures to be taken. Explain the hospital.
-The number of victims of multiple casualties is collected and announced by the rescue first aid.
 The moderator shall announce the activities, disaster problems, problems, suggestions to the firefighters, and legal issues when participating in Part 2 of the relevant agencies.
The fire department controller in charge of the meeting establishes the main problems (about 5) in the planning of the meeting. Be prepared to answer questions.
(E.g. reasons and problems of long-term rescue and suppression, problems of use of firefighting facilities, problems and difficulties of fire department and entry, fire water occupancy utilization, communication related problems, etc.) Development focus)
※ Absolutely avoid reprimands or responsibilities for employees at firefighting review meetings.
O The moderator assigns a response to the person in charge (rescue, first aid, prevention) if necessary.
 If it is deemed necessary, the moderator can ask the controller and the head of the protective structure (headquarters) questions and answers about important matters during the meeting and ask for criticism.

󰊷 End of meeting
All matters and video data that were conducted during the firefighting review meeting should be saved, and the matters discussed at the meeting should be summarized and submitted to the headquarters staff.
※ Result report (submission): Fire department (headquarters participation) immediately, within 10 days of conducting fire department (self) meeting
O The moderator may request that key points be released from the records manager on the content of the discussions during the meeting, and the moderator may request a general opinion and further suggestions on the presentation.
 The controller should organize the matters and improvements (especially intensive discussions) derived from the meeting and attach them when submitting the results, and take measures to improve the system and apply training (including risk prediction training) through the results.
After the firefighting activity review meeting, a comprehensive report shall be prepared and submitted to the Fire Fighting Headquarters as follows.
end. Firefighting activities comprehensive analysis report
I. Attend firefighting review meeting

Lee Seung-hoon (1984 ~) is a Korean firefighter.

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Lee Seung-hoon (1984 ~) is a Korean firefighter. He graduated from Gangneung High School, majored in firefighting at Kangwon National University and served as the 18th mandatory firefighter at the Gangneung Fire Station. In 2009, he passed the candidate exam for Fire Lieutenant and was appointed after finishing the 16th Fire Cadet training on March 3, 2011 to the local fire department in Gangwon-do. He worked at the Hongcheon Fire Station, the Donghae Fire Department, and the Gangwon Fire Department.

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