Gangwon Regional Trauma System Pilot Project Support Plan

2010년 6월 18일 서울특별시 소방공무원 권종륜 등 차량사고 응급처치

❖ It is a support plan to reduce the preventable mortality rate by establishing an organic system of regional hospitals and emergency transport so that severely-impaired patients can receive appropriate medical services.

□ Background and Necessity
○ Established a trauma system linking the customized system and related organizations considering the characteristics of the province
○ Creation and operation of regional autonomous administrative administrative organizations with expertise
○ There is no integrated system for smooth communication with the firefighting team and medical staff responsible for most of the transportation of emergency patients.

Limitations after the trauma business
➢ Poor patient transport system
➢ Poor environment and lack of link in base hospital
➢ Lack of integrated standard transfer guidelines
➢ Absence of integrative mechanisms connecting various institutions
➢ Lack of medical personnel (hospitals, paramedics)
➢ Qualitative growth of emergency personnel
➢ Hospital shortages and large areas

Advantages after establishing local trauma system
➢ Establish a transport system that takes local characteristics into account
➢ Prepare integrated standard guidelines
➢ Creation and operation of a traumatic organization that connects each department
➢ Create a system considering the lack of medical personnel
➢ Direct medical guidance and first aid training
➢ Establish an efficient transfer system between hospitals

□ Fire Fighting Instructions
✓ Key factors
➢ Criteria for selection of serious injury
-Physical examination findings (Phase 1) ➠ Physiological findings (Phase 2) ➠ Injury mechanism and emergency personnel judgment (Phase 3)
➢ Transfer of Severe Trauma Patients to Gangwon Province-In principle, transfer to trauma center
➢ When it is difficult to transfer to the trauma center-In accordance with the standard guidelines considering the level of the transfer medical institution
➢ In case of long distance transport (more than 45 minutes on land)-In principle, air transport should be used.
➢ In principle, the area trauma center should be transported for air transportation.
➢ Role of the Comprehensive Situation Room-responsible for linked transfer relaying, patient information recording and delivery

□ Role of Fire Fighters
○ Selected and treated medical emergency centers for severe trauma patients
○ Establish a base for simultaneous emergency medical helicopter dispatch at the time of filing a report.

Kwon Hak-ju, Korea Firefighter

Kwon Hak-ju is a Korean firefighter. In 1993, he was appointed as a firefighter in Gangwon-do and worked at the Gangneung Fire Station, Gangwon Fire Service Academy, PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games as a medical manager, and Gangwon Fire Headquarters. He is a first-class emergency medical technician and is chairman of the book club ‘ONI’.

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