Inaugural address of Jongno Fire Station chief Kwon Hyukmin

Inaugural address

Dear Jongno Firefighters! Nice to meet you.

I wish you all a day of joy and good luck in the midst of the hot summer of July 2018.

I am Kwon Hyuk-min who will be appointed Chief of Jongno Fire Department to live with you according to this greeting.

It is a great honor for me to be with my colleagues in this place with a rich history and tradition.

In addition, I thank you for all the members of the department, the field council, the Shingyo, Jongno, Yeongeon, Shinyoung, and Sungin Safety Center.

In retrospect, our firefighting team has done its job without ever sitting down or hesitating.

As a result, we have earned high praise from the citizens and have established ourselves as the best safety service organization.

However, major accidents and social anxiety, such as a fire at Jecheon Sports Center and a fire at Miryang Nursing Hospital, require us to make more severe qualitative and quantitative changes.

In this context, I would like to point out the macro direction I am going to lead and ask for your cooperation.

First, design a tighter safety net.

The starting point for all accidents occurs in the smallest mistakes and small gaps.

The moment you pass by indifferently, it may leave deep hurt and suffering. If we don’t overlook and do our best, our time and effort will be thickened by the trust and love of our citizens.

Second, become more meticulous professionals. In a highly educated and information flood society, common knowledge and skills are now common sense.

The obvious difference between amateur and professional is detail.

We must lead citizens’ safety with deeper, more detailed, specific knowledge and skills beyond irrational practices, rough skids, and rolls.

Third, have a more robust system.

Private corporations and public organizations are organisms that grow and decline with the times.

A solidly built system is never in crisis. Improving the issues raised, reducing unnecessary costs, and seeking ways to work easily, fast and accurately is what makes the organization stronger.

Fourth, to create a warmer workplace.

Firefighting in the field is based on advanced knowledge, rich experience, and skilled skills in various disaster sites.

This is a modest teamwork activity where each member, not alone, performs a mission, connects it, and completes it.

There is not much you can do alone. Only when we are caring and communicating with each other will we achieve the maximum effect.

I am convinced that the tight, meticulous, solid and heartwarming matters mentioned above will be possible when you consider the active attitude and dynamics you have shown.

We are firefighters down to the bones. There is a lofty mission from heaven, fire and calamity on earth, and the sweat and passion of a fire-saving fire. This is why we exist.

The second half of 2018 has now begun. Once again, I hope that the great dreams and determination of the remaining days will bear fruit. I also wish you and your family full of love and happiness.

Thank you.

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Jongno Fire Station Chief Kwon Hyuk-min

Kwon Hyuk-min (1969 ~) is a Korean firefighter.

Let’s all our employees take the pride of being a firefighter and put together the safety of the people as the best value.

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Kwon Hyuk-min (1969 ~) is a Korean firefighter. On February 21, 1995, he was appointed as a fire lieutenant after finishing the 8th Fire Cadet training , serving as a firefighting officer in Seoul, the Head of Human Resources Development Dept., Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters Auditor Head, chief of Seocho and Gangdong, Jongno Fire Station.

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