Lee Yeongpal (firefighter)

Lee Young-pal (1968 ~) is a Korean firefighter. He served as a Marine of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Yeungnam University and a Master’s Degree in Fire Administration from Dongguk University in 1998.

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After finishing the 8th Fire Cadet training, he was appointed as a firefighter in Seoul on February 21, 1995. He served as a full-time professor at Seoul Fire School, and served as the Head of Field Response Team and the Chief of Gangnam Fire Department.

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Baek Kook-sun

2015년 7월 8일 강사 백국선 시민안전파수꾼 강사양성과정 DSC00319

Baek Kook-sun is a representative of Daum HRD and a professional lecturer in golf, leadership, conflict management, and emotional healing.

179cm, 82kg

2010.05 CEO of Daum HRD
2007.02 Director of Easy Impression Research Institute
CEO of Bebeed System
SKY72 Management / golf teachers

2015년 7월 25일 숭실사이버대학교 소방방재학과 교수 박재성(좌측), 강사 백국선(우측) DSC00588
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