Jahongir Abdusadikovich

Jahongir Abdusadikovich is my friend from Uzbekistan. He visited my mother’s house and ate Korean food together. He also went with me to a bar called Byuljumak, which was run by Seo Hyung-won, a politician who ran for Gwacheon Mayor. On one occasion he invited me to his friends’ place and served me and denise Uzbek traditional foods. We finished our food and went to karaoke to have a good time. Denise Ruby Harrell R & B Her singing skills were far better than before. I had an English meeting with Jahongir and Kim Sang-bum at Starbucks. He is also the only foreign guest who has visited Happy Home Meal more than once. He will complete the Yonsei-KOICA Master’s Degree Program in December this year and earn a master’s degree. I hope that he will be happy in Korea until then.