Lee Yeongpal (firefighter)

Lee Young-pal (1968 ~) is a Korean firefighter. He served as a Marine of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Yeungnam University and a Master’s Degree in Fire Administration from Dongguk University in 1998.

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After finishing the 8th Fire Cadet training, he was appointed as a firefighter in Seoul on February 21, 1995. He served as a full-time professor at Seoul Fire School, and served as the Head of Field Response Team and the Chief of Gangnam Fire Department.

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Lee Heung-kyo is a Korean firefighter

2017년 11월 8일 강원도 행정부지사 송석두 이기중 홍천소방서장 등 녹조근정훈장 표창 수여

Lee Heung-kyo is a Korean firefighter. As a candidate for the 7th fire officer, he was appointed as a local firefighting defense on February 10, 1993. He has served as the head of the Donghae Fire Department, the Head of the Gangwon-do Fire Department, the Head of the Disaster and Emergency Affairs Agency, the Head of the National Emergency Management Fire Policy Division and the Administrative Support Team, and the Director of the Fire Department of Gangwon-do.

최광모 이흥교 20180425강원도 소방본부 소방경 승진자 임용장 수여식1

이흥교는 대한민국의 소방공무원이다. 제7기 소방간부후보생으로 1993년 2월 10일 강원도 지방소방위로 임관하였다. 그는 동해소방서장, 강원도소방학교장, 소방방재청 재난상황실장, 국민안전처 소방정책과 행정지원팀장, 강원도 소방본부장등을 역임하였다.

1992년 제7기 소방간부후보생 이흥교, 김성회, 우재봉

Firefighter Cho Sun-ho

The Cho Sun-ho (47) fire brigade took office as the 16th chief of Mapo Fire Department on January 1, 2013.

Cho Sun-ho was born in the 8th term as a firefighter executive in 1995 and has been employed as a firefighting officer. In addition, it is evaluated as a firefighting administrator who has extensively dealt with firefighting administration and prevention.

Mr. Cho said, “Based on the administrative experience accumulated by the central and policy departments, we will bring together the capacity of more than 500 firefighters and medical firefighters to promote fire safety measures appropriate for the local situation.”

Born in Dangjin, Chung, Cho graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University and received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from Hansung University.

Education and major careers
○ Department of Business Administration, Dongguk University
○ Graduate School of Public Administration, Dongguk University (Master of Public Administration)
○ Korea National University of Broadcasting (Bachelor of Education)
○ Hansung University Graduate School (Ph.D.)

○ The eighth firefighting officer candidate course completion (1995)
○ Guncheon police station, Boryeong Fire Station, Chungnam
○ Ministry of Interior (Administrative and Self-governing Department) Fire Bureau Prevention Division technical charge (fire department)
○ Head of Technical Support Team, Central 119 Rescue Team
○ Head of Fire Science Research Center, Seoul Fire Department
○ Head of Firefighting Policy Team, Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters
○ Manager, Human Resources Development, Seoul Fire School


2015년 3월 소방공무원 조선호 2013년 1월 소방공무원 조선호 2011년 6월 제24대 서울소방재난본부장 최웅길 몽골 울란바토르 소방국 방문 (Emergency Management Department of Ulaanbaatar) CHA 6026 2019년 제3기 소방청 119정책기자단 위촉식5

Commissioner Chung Moon-ho visited the Yeongdong Market in Suwon

이형철 경기도소방재난본부장 20190129소방청장 정문호 설 명절 대비 수원영동시장 화재안전점검5

□ Commissioner Chung Moon-ho visited the Yeongdong Market in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do to inspect firefighting facilities and firefighting routes, etc. He also had a ‘communication time’ on safety and safety management.
○ Yeongdong Market was established in 1919 and is the representative market of Suwon with a 100-year tradition. It is specialized in hanbok and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. There are Paldalmun Market and Citizens’ Commercial Market nearby.
○ The chief of the fire department had a “communication time” with the mayor and the firefighting officers. For New Year’s Day, safety management was emphasized so that ordinary people who visited to purchase water products could use it safely.
※ Wonju Central Market Fire (2019. 1.2.), Central Citizen Traditional Market Fire (2019. 1.3.)
-In particular, the fire department in charge of the jurisdiction reinforces the fire prevention and suppression measures for the local market, and instructs them to focus their efforts on minimizing damages by responding quickly in the event of a fire.
-Market officials were asked to maintain and maintain fire facilities (fire extinguishers, indoor fire hydrants, automated fire detection equipment, etc.) at all times and not to load items around them.
-Market Merchants Association and Autonomous Fire Brigade play an important role not only for fire prevention but also for first responders, so it is also recommended to repeat regular education and training to improve the ability to respond in case of emergency.

□ Yeongdong Market has established a situation room for fire prevention and first responders, and has been working 24 hours a day.

□ Mr. Moon said that he hopes there will not be any casualties due to fire during the holiday season, and he asked to check carefully for any risk factors.

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