Cases of Private Injury in Air Rescue Activities

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Efforts to encourage active on-site activities by sharing cases of private house damage near the rescue site caused by helicopter descent during aeronautical rescue activities, while minimizing damages to the public by implementing available measures, such as notification of the squadron, after identifying the causes of damage caused by the first squadron prior to the arrival of the helicopter. Stress the need for
□ Things to check when simultaneously launching ground rescue and rescue teams
❍ Ground Rescue / First Aid
① Determination of adequacy of rescue points after considering first aid and surrounding environment before arrival of helicopter
② Advance notice of places / structures expected to be damaged by helicopter descent
③ Request for change of rescue point and patient takeover place when anticipating down wind damage
❍ Air rescue rescue team
① Be sure to conduct high / low air reconnaissance, determine adequacy and safety before approaching rescue points
② Actively accept requests for change of place from ground rescue / emergency station and attempt to reselect rescue points
③ Thorough safety control of landing area between patient transfers

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