Operation plan for fire drill support center in 2020

Ⅰ Background and Necessity
○ (Government-centered training) Lack of awareness of the training duties of related persons by conducting administrative-centered training such as emergency rescue training and disaster preparedness training
○ (Lack of self-training capability) Limit of design and implementation of self-training due to lack of dissemination of training manual according to risk characteristics by type and size of specific firefighting target.
○ (Insufficient systematic training support) Failure to establish a systematic support system for fire departments from planning, training, guidance and evaluation

20031118서울특별시 양천구 목동 현대41타워 대형재난대비 긴급구조종합훈련 DSC 0138

Ⅱ Promotion Direction
○ (Set up self-directed training) Strengthen awareness of the training duties of related persons of specific firefighting targets and create their own training design, implementation and management conditions
○ (Systematic Training Support) Systemic support such as consulting on risk characteristics analysis and training design and on-site support of firefighting vehicle equipment for targets of training support requests
○ (Enhancement of Sanctions for Mandatory Violation of Obligations) Penalties will be imposed on persons involved in firefighting targets who do not conduct fire drills more than once a year.

Ⅲ Detailed Implementation Plan

□ Firefighting Training Support Center
○ (operation period) year round (January to December)
○ (Location) Field Response Division (119 Safety Center)
○ (Composition) General Manager: Field Response Division Director (119 Safety Center)
-119 Safety Center Team Leader and Prevention Department Manager or Representative
※ Medical firefighters or 119 safety center staff can be added.
○ (Operational System) Consultation support for the targets of firefighting training obligations to specific firefighting targets and training requests for fire brigade.
-(Prevention Department) Matters concerning the performance of the training duties of related personnel Fire duty training guidance (training duties, records, archiving guidance, etc.), follow-up management (penalization penalty), etc.
-(Response department) Training consulting (risk analysis, training design), fire fighting support, joint fire drill, training evaluation and guidance, etc.

□ Firefighters’ Duty to Fire
○ Regular guidance on the performance of mandatory fire drills for persons with specific firefighting targets (Attachments 4 and 5)
-Training subjects, subjects, training frequency and sanctions for violations
-Article 15, Paragraph 4 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Fire Protection Act (Attachment 6, Keeping Records of Training Results)
○ Information on support of fire drill support center
-Training consulting, on-site training support, training evaluation and record management
○ Systematic guidance for deriving seasonal training dispersion
-Select the target of prior training for each season and sequentially guide it to the target
※ Notification of firefighting facility self-inspection (operational function inspection, etc.)
-Decentralized guidance so that training is not concentrated in the second half or year
□ Training support from fire drill support center
○ (Training design) Training consulting considering the risk characteristics of the specific fire fighting object
-Review and guide training design to include training key elements such as fire fighting, notification and evacuation
-Establishment of actionable training scenarios considering the target conditions
○ (Training support) Practical training support to improve initial response capacity
-Practical training deployment through non-scripted training, not formal training by scenario
※ Training to assign fire conditions at unannounced times and places, and to report fires, radio waves, initial fire extinguishing, evacuation, and first aid in a practical manner (see Attachments 1-3).

홍천소방서 산불진압 및 문화재 합동 소방훈련(홍천향교) DSC 4343

Attachment 4 Guidance for organization and joint fire drills of self-defense fire brigades in public institutions

Hello ! Hoengseong Fire Department is on-site response and fire drill.
I would like to inform you about the organization of the self-defense fire brigade and joint fire drills.
Public organizations organize self-defense fire departments and conduct fire drills in accordance with Article 24 of the Act on Fire Prevention, Fire Protection Facilities, Maintenance and Safety Management, and Regulations on Fire Safety Management of Public Institutions. In order to protect buildings, man-made structures and goods from fire, it is required to carry out fire safety management activities.
In the event of a fire in a public institution, the role of the National Self-Defense Forces is of utmost importance, as it increases public instability.
However, some public organizations misunderstand the contents of the law by conducting fire drills at the fire departments and passively cooperating with each other.
Again, refrain from formal and passive participation in fire drills, recognizing clearly that the main role of fire drills is their respective public institutions, and the fire departments are responsible for coordinating or directing the entire training. In addition, all employees voluntarily participate in the notification, evacuation, and fire extinguishing exercises as in the case of a fire.
Refer to the followings on the organizational maintenance and joint fire drills with the fire departments, and recognize that once a year, the fire department and joint fire drills should be conducted. I urge you to make an active effort to improve the fire fighting capability of the Self-Defense Forces by familiarizing them with their individual roles in preparation for a fire.
During the year, the 119 Safety Center will contact safety managers to discuss the schedule of fire drills.
If you have any questions about joint fire drills, please call (☏340-9504) and we will be happy to answer them. Thank you.

2000년대 초반 서울소방 소방공무원(소방관) 활동 사진 대테러훈련(화생방)

Hoengseong Fire Station

Attachment 5 Self-discipline Training Guide for Specific Fire Targets

Hello ! Hoengseong Fire Department is on-site response and fire drill.
Information on fire fighting training for specific fire objects.
Personnel concerned with a specific firefighting object who have 11 or more employees who work or live at all times shall comply with the fire protection pursuant to Article 22 of the Act on Fire Prevention, Installation and Maintenance of Fire-fighting Facilities, and Fire Drills for Workers and Residents of Certain Firefighting Objects. It is regulated to carry out its own fire safety management activities such as training.
However, some organizations misunderstand the content of the law by conducting fire drills at fire departments and only by passive cooperation.
Again, refrain from formal and passive participation in fire drills, with the clear recognition that fire drills are the subject of each organization and that firefighters are responsible for coordinating or guiding overall training. It is necessary to change the safety awareness of employees by voluntarily participating and actively notifying, evacuating and extinguishing fire drills as in the event of a fire.
Recognizing that fire drills should be conducted at least once a year (refer to the fine of 2 million won or less) by referring to the following matters regarding self-organizing fire brigade organization and fire drills, and through fire drills, each institution should be aware of individual roles in case of fire. In addition, the fire department will investigate the location of each agency, information on handling dangerous goods, and how to use the firefighting facilities in the target and utilize them in the event of a disaster. I urge you to make an effort to improve the firefighting capabilities of the Self-Defense Fire Brigade so that the training can be realistic.
During the year, the 119 Safety Center will contact safety managers to discuss the schedule of fire drills.
If you have any questions about fire drills, call (☏340-9504) and we will be happy to answer them. Thank you.

Hoengseong Fire Station