Specialized Training for Fire Safety Instructors in 2020 (Instructor Design and Lecture Capacity Improvement Course Operation Plan)

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Ⅰ Purpose of operation
◦ Establishment of learning operation plan suitable for the characteristics of fire department
◦ Nurture excellent instructors with knowledge and skills as field experts
◦ Systematization, standardization, and culture of safety education by strengthening teaching design and lecture capacity
◦ Discover practical capabilities to create a preventive safety culture with communication and empathy

ⅡOperation Policy
◦ Highly applicable on-site and practical process through commissioned professional institutions
◦ Select trainees who meet the Fire Safety Instructor’s Designation Standard * and are below the Fire Service

Acquired qualifications among those who have worked for more than 5 years as a firefighter
◦ Enhance the field applicability by strengthening the instructor’s expertise through improving teaching skills
◦ Securing engines for policy promotion by organizing subjects consistent with the policy on fire safety education
◦ Enhance training efficiency by selecting candidates with both instructor quality and experience

◦ Understanding and practice of learner-centered teaching and learning methods
◦ Lectures to induce immersion
◦ Professor design technique and creative application
◦ BASIC of teaching drafting
◦ Strategies to motivate learning
◦ Latest Teaching Techniques
◦ Presentation of lecture ability according to drafting
◦ Understanding of student activities and educational plans
◦ Improved teaching skills
◦ Teaching Strategies to Captivate Students
Infant, elementary, and adolescent development
◦Understanding core competencies and curriculum
◦ School understanding (organization, position, etc.)
◦ Practice and practice of creative safety education
◦ Fire safety education standard
◦ Understanding of the characteristics of the elderly and the aging trend
◦ Major statistics, cases and compensation system for school safety accidents

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