The inaugural speech of the First Fire Commissioner of National Fire Agency, the Republic of KOREA

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My fellow citizens. Proud national firefighting family.

The Fire Department, which was the desire of all of us, was finally launched.

The birth of the National Fire Service was eagerly awaited and long awaited by all the firefighting families, but most of all, the support and faith of the people became the greatest force. In addition, despite the difficult and difficult conditions, there were efforts by all of the firefighting families who worked silently for the safety of the people.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have taken this opportunity to make sure that firefighting has taken a new start as the general response agency for land disasters. In particular, with the launch of the National Safety Agency in September 2014, Mr. Cho Song-rae, the chief firefighter of the National Fire Protection Agency, left the National Fire Protection Agency with his efforts to develop the firefighting organization. Thank you for your respect.

Dear fire family. The age of a single fire department is now open.

We are at a new starting line. Tighten your shoelaces and start over. There are many roads to go and many heads to cross.

We opened the Fire Department with the support of the people, but we must never forget that people’s desires and expectations for fire have increased. Public interest in safety is skyrocketing.

Keeping high quality firefighting services as well as safety, an essential requirement of national happiness, is the basic duty and heavy calling given to firefighting. Our attitude for the people must be lower and more elaborate. As a result, my responsibility as the first fire chief is even more heavy.

However, if we bring together the wisdom and passion of the firefighting family and carry out the tasks given to us calmly and precisely, I am sure that we will be able to make more advanced and mature firefighting 119 than today.

Fire family. The people still send the highest confidence in fire fighting. But why are the people? You need to know if you believed and supported our firefighting. Not because there is no fault or mistake. I think that’s because our fire fighting was pure in our people’s safety.

Wherever and where firefighting is needed, we ran unconditionally to the site and have done our utmost to keep the people at risk.

Fire family! The achievements and mistakes of the past are to realize the vision pursued by the Fire Department.

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I will make it with manure and power. In particular, I will not hide parts that I lacked or failed, but I will use them as teachers.

We will do our best to work together to make sure that the safety of the fire can be further developed and the people can be given more faith. Thus, we will establish ourselves as a general agency for land disaster response.

I believe that measures to build a national safety net that matches the status of advanced countries and strengthen field response cannot be done in a moment. We will clearly establish the goals we have to go, and carefully select urgent and mid- and long-term tasks, and carry out each one.

We will actively explore rational and effective ways to unify the on-site command system and expand the lack of firefighting power. Having advanced expertise is also very important.

There are various accidents that continuously confirm that ‘modern society is a dangerous society’.

Therefore, it is necessary to have on-site response capacity that can proactively cope with any disaster and minimize damage.

In particular, the scope of firefighting has been expanded and diversified, but the traditional duties of firefighting are fire prevention and suppression.

Preventing fires from the ground up is no easy task, but due to neglected safety management and poor initial response, the trains of major accidents should never be repeated.

In addition, the central and local fire departments will work together to harmonize. Communication and harmony are the calling of the times. Just as a tree with strong roots can withstand bad weather, local fire is the root of our firefighting.

It is the role and responsibility of the central firefighting to ensure that the value of your precious sweat is greatly appreciated and sublimated with pride and pride. Let’s worry together and gather wisdom together. I will take the lead in convergence and communication.

We will concentrate all our capabilities to create a ‘safe society’, which is the national task of the new government. We will policyize and promote the national keywords given to us.

Aging society, medical public service, 4th industrial revolution, future new industry, life safety, environmental conservation, and new climate system are closely linked to firefighting.

We will also promote a firefighting policy that considers national interests. We will assemble and take the leading role in fostering and exporting the firefighting industry, fostering talent and creating jobs, overseas aid and international exchange, and building a safety community in Northeast Asia.

Dear fire family! Let’s gather the strength and wisdom of all of us so that the determination and commitment of this moment can lead to success. Let’s do our best to ensure that the launch of the Independent Fire Service is the most brilliant and successful.

Never forget that providing high-quality fire safety services that impress customers beyond customer satisfaction is a reward for the people who have supported them.

Lastly, I would like to reflect on the meaning of the word “ Jung-Tak-Dong ”. ‘When a chick begins to break in an egg to be born in this world, the mother chicken who hears this sounds together to break the shell so that the chick can safely come out of the world.’

I believe that if the central and local governments gather together with the mind of Zul-Tak-Dong, they will be reborn as a fire that is more trusted by the people, and our goal will be advanced. We look forward to your active participation.

119 better than a child! Professional fire fighting! Let’s go out with the people in a strong attitude.

Thank you.

August 8, 2017 Government Complex Sejong 2
The Commissioner of National Fire Agency

Cho Jong-muk

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