Firefighter Cho Sun-ho

The Cho Sun-ho (47) fire brigade took office as the 16th chief of Mapo Fire Department on January 1, 2013.

Cho Sun-ho was born in the 8th term as a firefighter executive in 1995 and has been employed as a firefighting officer. In addition, it is evaluated as a firefighting administrator who has extensively dealt with firefighting administration and prevention.

Mr. Cho said, “Based on the administrative experience accumulated by the central and policy departments, we will bring together the capacity of more than 500 firefighters and medical firefighters to promote fire safety measures appropriate for the local situation.”

Born in Dangjin, Chung, Cho graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Dongguk University and received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from Hansung University.

Education and major careers
○ Department of Business Administration, Dongguk University
○ Graduate School of Public Administration, Dongguk University (Master of Public Administration)
○ Korea National University of Broadcasting (Bachelor of Education)
○ Hansung University Graduate School (Ph.D.)

○ The eighth firefighting officer candidate course completion (1995)
○ Guncheon police station, Boryeong Fire Station, Chungnam
○ Ministry of Interior (Administrative and Self-governing Department) Fire Bureau Prevention Division technical charge (fire department)
○ Head of Technical Support Team, Central 119 Rescue Team
○ Head of Fire Science Research Center, Seoul Fire Department
○ Head of Firefighting Policy Team, Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters
○ Manager, Human Resources Development, Seoul Fire School

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