119 false calls … 78,000 already

119 steps on fire misconception … 78,000 already

  • Press Release [’19 .9.25. (Wed) Newsis]
    〈Press Point〉
    ○ Most malfunctions of fire alarms. “Severe waste of fire fighting”
    ○ About 78,000 fire reports were reported to fire authorities this year.
    ○ Fire falsification report exceeded 80%, so fire-fighting was serious
  • In fact,
    ○ Most fire false reports are caused by false alarms and false alarms caused by smoke disinfection.
    ○ When such a report is received, the appropriate fire brigade is dispatched to check the actual fire and take safety measures.
    ○ In particular, if people who lack expertise are able to accurately determine whether a fire is fired and report it, it may cause a risk of fire spreading due to delay in first responding.
    ○ Therefore, we are promoting to promptly report situations that are considered dangerous to the public.
    ○ However, in order to prevent unnecessary firefighting, fire smoke disinfection should be reported to the fire department in advance.
    ○ Therefore, even if it is later found that it is not a real fire, it is one of the important tasks of firefighting to check the fire brigade carefully and take safety measures in the suspected fire situation.