Korea 119 Boys

Joining Korea 119 Boys in 2020

20050721서울소방학교 119소년단 안전체험교실157 소방공무원 이은와 20050721서울소방학교 119소년단 안전체험교실106

South Korea 119 Boys are recruiting new members!

‘Safe’ can’t be overemphasized. Since the recent major disasters and safety accidents, the importance of safety has been highlighted.
The Korea 119 Boys Group is a youth organization jointly operated by the fire department and the school to help young people develop safety awareness and proper safety habits. If you become a member of the 119 Boys, you will become a responsible, responsible adult who will follow the basic rules of society and be considerate through disciplined group activities and volunteer activities.

Experience-based activities using resources possessed by firefighting agencies
-Various safety experience activities using facilities and equipment such as experience halls, experience centers, and mobile safety experience vehicles
󰁶 Community spirit and leadership building activities
-Participated in fire prevention campaigns, safety culture tours, and various competitions and competitions related to life safety
배양 Cultivate leadership with consideration for collaborative personality
-Participation in programs such as safety camps, volunteer activities, and friendship activities