Lim Seok-hwan, the 11th President of Gwangju Fire School

-Introduction of the 11th principal

○ Lim Seok-hwan, the 11th President of Gwangju Fire School, will introduce the journey to this day.

○ On the warm spring day, March 23, 1959, at 52, Jeongjeong-ri, Jangheung, Jangheung, Jeonnam, the echo of the town was echoed. Lim Seok-hwan, the grand father of the newborn, was born as the eldest son of his father, Lim Jun-cheon and his mother, Lee Rye. Everybody in the neighborhood called me a general.

○ Since his childhood, he earned a master’s degree in law from a university that studied almost on his own level, and a disaster prevention engineering from a city university in Seoul.

○ Since the love was so hot, he announced that on April 13, 1980, after having a long devote with Sung Kyo Young, he had sons and daughters.

○ From now on, I will introduce the footsteps of a firefighter who has dedicated her whole youth.

○ Passed the public employment test for firefighters in 1983. Appointed as a local firefighter on December 9, I went to the Gangchon Fire Station Deungchon Fire Station in Seoul for the first time.

○ Two years later, he passed only one promotion test. He was promoted to a fire brigade with seniors such as Kura Castle, and completed the firefighting inspection task, which was the highest position at that time, and became the best preventive bottle in Seoul.

○ However, in difficult times, the road to promotion was far from being promoted to the fire station only after 1993, and two years later, in 1995, he was admitted to the fire department’s promotion examination while serving and protecting the Dongdaemun Fire Department. Recognized as a flower of fire, it became the elementary fire brigade.

○ The path that I have followed since I became an executive was indeed blue ocean itself. The fire brigade and fire brigade experienced major positions including personnel, surveillance, prevention, and rescue rescue at five fire departments, including the Seoul Fire Headquarters. It is said that it is said to be undamaged case.

○ In 27 years since entering the firefighting department, the Korean Fire Department had just quietly tried to show the head of the Seoul Institute of Fire Science Research Center with the spirit of love to pass on the accumulated internal forces to junior firefighters. I did not put it.

○ With a wealth of experience and a friendly character and a weighty leadership, he was chosen as a competent worker for the Korea Fire Department who faced an organizational crisis.

○ Once the Jung-gu team has been established, it will be called the Prevention and Safety Bureau, Prevention and Prevention Bureau, National Emergency Management Agency. Fire Department Lim Seok-hwan is willing to give you everything without complaining.

○ In recognition of such efforts, he was promoted to the Fire Department in 2016, and now he is head of Honam Special Rescue Team at the Central 119 Rescue Headquarters. His age was fifty and eight.

However, on November 1, 2017, his small horse, the silver accent of 2011, guided him to the Gwangju Fire School Campus, which is eager for another leap.

○ As the Governor of Gwangju Fire School, we laid the foundation for Gwangju Fire School’s mid- and long-term development plan and the construction of a multi-purpose education and training center that will cost KRW 16 billion for the next 25 years. It’s something nobody has ever done.

○ Nevertheless, although the retirement was originally in the first half of next year, only one week to give juniors a chance to advance, he decided to leave the office six months earlier. We didn’t know that. (So ​​I honestly felt a bit upset, but I was able to understand it soon.)

○ Today, on December 31, 2018, the fireman Jung Suk-hwan was able to share her heartfelt honeymoon with Ms. Suh Young-young at the end of her long loneliness. I’m in a big spot.

○ I would like to congratulate you for this moment of inspiration and conclude your biography.