Corona-19 self-quarantine patients waste management, disposal manual

How to Dispose of Domestic Waste in the Absence of Corona-19 Symptoms

20141120제7회 어린이 119안전뉴스 전국대회357

Household wastes (including food waste) generated at home should be stored in a dedicated bag provided with a disinfectant to thoroughly disinfect the top of the garbage layer and the outside of the bag. We recommend disinfecting at least once a day

Exclusive bags should be immersed in less than 75% of the volume so that they can be sealed.

Restrict the discharge of waste contained in the special bag to the outside, but inevitably, if you need to discharge the waste contained in the special bag, sterilize the bag evenly and put it in the waste pay-per-bag again and contact the local public health center. I do it.

Until a dedicated bag is provided, please use the pay-per-use bag instead of the dedicated bag. When discharging, please put it in the pay-per-use bag once again.

Imhang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea - panoramio - song songroov

How to discharge household waste when corona-19 suspected symptoms appear

If you suspect a new coronavirus symptom, please contact your health care provider immediately and store it in a dedicated bag using the methods listed above. Health authorities and specialist handlers will collect it free of charge and handle it safely

How to discharge waste if patient isolates himself after corona-19 confirmation

Please use the above-mentioned method and put it in a dedicated bag and store it in the dedicated plastic container provided until the hospital transfer. After the transfer, the health authorities and the professional processor will collect the material free of charge and handle it safely.

Daegu Metropolitan City on Corona 19 outbreak (March 2nd)

0129 신종 코로나바이러스감염증 예방행동수칙(P) 영문 20200224 코로나19 관련 기자브리핑(기자회견장) 05

On Monday, March 2, 2020, we will begin a regular briefing on Corona 19.

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control changed the Corona 19 response guide, shifting from containment strategy to damage minimization strategy. Patients with severe severity have been treated in hospitals, and mild patients have been converted to quarantine treatment at life treatment centers in public training centers.

In addition, we have eased the discharge criteria to increase the rate of circulation, so that patients in need of treatment can be treated on time. In addition, we have established a nationwide network so that severely ill patients can take measures for all patients regardless of state or province in the emergency medical emergency room of the National Medical Center.

In spite of his life and death, he was unable to meet the rapidly increasing number of patients every day, but now patients can be classified according to their symptoms and treated accordingly.

In order to ensure that the home health care center operates smoothly, we will form a “life care center operation support group” composed of 6 ministries, including Daegu City and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, so that we can prepare and operate the home care center seamlessly.

In the meantime, we will quickly transport patients who are anxious and waiting on their own so that they can be treated in a stable environment.

First of all, Daegu City will operate 160 Central Training Centers located in the Innovation City as life treatment centers. Samsung Human Resources Development Center, Yeongdeok Training Center, Nonghyup Gyeongju Training Center, and Munkyung Seoul National University Hospital Human Resources were secured as life treatment centers.

On the other hand, in case of severe patients, we will promptly assign them to the local senior hospital so that they can receive appropriate measures in case of emergency.

The government’s response to the change is an inevitable choice to cope with the rapidly growing situation and lack of hospitalization.

Corona protection measures are a battle against time. The success of the modified countermeasures depends on the mobilization of facilities, personnel and supplies that the state can do in the shortest possible time.

I plead with the central government.

The government should provide preemptive and prompt support to make full use of the resources available to the state.

First, support the public training centers and large corporate training centers, which can be used as life treatment centers, even if the president’s right to order urgent orders is secured to secure more than 3,000 rooms as soon as possible.

Second, in order to secure medical personnel to be deployed at these facilities, secure the necessary personnel early, even with the mobilization order for medical personnel.

Third, securing beds for the treatment of severe patients. Please make sure that the National Emergency Medical Center’s Emergency Emergency Situation Office has practical authority to enable the rapid dissemination of severely ill patients.

I also appeal to the nations and cities of Japan.

Thank you for supporting Daegu. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to local governments and citizens for granting beds in Gwangju, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam, and Daejeon. Until the crisis in Daegu is over, I would like to ask the citizens of the whole nation to join us in securing the treatment center for the treatment of severe patients and the beds for the treatment of severe patients.

Let me tell you about the status of confirmed patients.

As of March 2, 7:00 am, the number of confirmed patients in Daegu has reached nearly 3,000. The exact number will be announced after the official announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Let me talk about the hospitalization measures and status of confirmed patients.

Of the 3,081 confirmed patients, 1,050 (indoor 847, outside 203) were hospitalized.

Let me talk about the health and care of our patients.

대한민국 국무총리 정세균 방문 20200229코로나바이러스감염증-19 소방 동원령 1호 발령에 119구급차 대구광역시 구급이송지원photo 2

Yesterday, one patient was discharged (Kyungbuk National University Hospital 1), and seven patients have been cured in Corona 19 so far.

On the other hand, eight more deaths occurred (Kyungbuk National University Hospital 2, Chilgok-Kyungbuk National University Hospital 1, Yeungnam University Hospital 1, Catholic University Hospital 1, Fatima Hospital 2, Home 1).

The detailed condition of the hospitalized patients will be explained by Professor Kim Jong-yeon of the Daegu Infectious Disease Management Support Group after my briefing.

Let me tell you about the peculiarities of the additional confirmers identified through the epidemiological investigation.

Yesterday, a nurse was dispatched to the National Transportation Rehabilitation Hospital, who was collecting samples at the Nam-gu Public Health Screening Clinic. Immediately, 129 employees at Nam-gu Health Center were inspected, and 10 people including public affairs and nurses who had close contact with the nurse were self-isolated.

In addition, the Nam-gu Public Health Center disinfected after dismantling and closed the day. In the future, we will decide whether to return to work based on the results of the inspection of the employees, and if the number of self-contained persons expands, we will request the Ministry of Health and Welfare to dispatch additional personnel.

In addition, we are in consultation with Nam-gu Office on the matter of transfer so that there is no gap in the work of the public health center.

As of March 1, 19:00, I will tell you about the current status of diagnostic tests.

As of 19:00 on March 1, 16,604 diagnostic tests were carried out. Among them, 11,738 (70.7%) were tested by the general public, and 4,866 (29.3%) were tested by members of the church.

Yesterday, 2,652 specimens were tested for diagnostic tests, of which 298 were tested and 2,354 were waiting for the test results.

I would like to talk about the Shincheonji Daegu Church.

There is a discrepancy between the number of Shincheonji members managed by various local governments, including Daegu, and the number of members received from the government.

The Daegu City, Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Centers for Disease Control will collaborate on individual lists and transfer the changes to the address, etc.To date, the number of Shinchon members in Daegu will be 10,555 (8,580 plus 1,975). It’s 303 more than 10,252.

In addition, as a result of investigating the self-containment of 303 additional identified individuals, we found that all of them were currently self-contained.

Meanwhile, the call was made with 88 out of 141 people whose materials were unclear until yesterday. The 53 people who have not been reached yet are being investigated by the police.

By yesterday, 46.1% of all members of the Daegu Church in Sincheonji had a diagnostic test, and 2,283 (68.1%) of the 3,350 who were notified of the test results were confirmed. As mentioned in the briefing yesterday, we will extend the self-isolation period by five days for members who have not undergone diagnostic tests, and all officials and military officials will take care of it as soon as possible.

Identifying and closing Sincheonji Daegu Church-related facilities.

Yesterday, since I accused the Shincheonji Daegu Church on February 28, I received a complete list of members and trainees and their real estate status. The list of members and trainees is being compared and analyzed.

20200226소방청장 정문호 코로나19 특별관리지역 소방 대응상황 현장점검 (두류공원)5

Of the 42 facilities voluntarily reported by Shincheon-ji Daegu Church, 22 were first reported, the remaining 15 were identified and closed at the Daegu city level, and 5 new facilities. The five newly identified facilities are estimated to be homes and lodgings where more than ten members of the church are currently designated as self-contained residents.

To overcome Corona19,

20200227 코로나19 극복을 위한 대한불교조계종 성금 전달식 및 세운철강 성품 전달식(접견실) 01

Yesterday, actors Ji Chang-wook, Gold Class, Seoul Guarantee, and many other companies, institutional organizations, local governments, and the people have been able to keep warm touches. Thank you very much.

Daegu citizens,

I am sorry and sorry that the lack of hospitalization prevented the diagnosis patients from waiting for themselves and getting proper treatment as soon as possible, and increased concerns about the infection in their families and communities.

Yesterday, however, the central government’s revised guidelines set the stage for resolving the situation.

Please repeat to the citizens.

The best way to prevent the spread of Corona 19 is to observe the rules of living of citizens. First of all, please practice social distance that reduces contact with the outside world for the time being. Stop meetings and meetings, and keep at least 2 meters away when talking to people.

Also, please follow the personal hygiene rules such as wearing a mask and washing your hands, and if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, contact your local public health center or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1339) first, and follow the instructions. Please receive.

Korean Journalists Association Corona 19 Reporting Standards (2020.2.21.)

2020-02-28 1405 (보도참고자료) 코로나바이러스감염증-19 국내 발생 현황(정례브리핑)
  1. Do not forget that the most important thing when covering and reporting Corona 19 is the safety of journalists themselves. To do this, you should consult with the company and receive sufficient safety equipment such as masks.
  2. The official name of the World Health Organization (WHO) is Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 (Corona 19). Please use the official name in the press and broadcast. According to the World Health Organization’s 2015 standard guidelines, journalists should not use disease names that include geographic location, person names, animal and food types, culture, residents, people, industry, and occupational groups. The use of “○○ pneumonia,” including the local name, can lead to misunderstandings and speculations about certain groups, such as nations, religions, and ethnic groups, arouse hate and racism, and can cause excessive fear.
  3. Refrain from reporting and broadcasting false manipulation information related to Corona19, which is rapidly spreading through YouTube, or provoking irritating reports and broadcasts that may cause human rights violations and social hate and anxiety, and prevent instructions from being issued. Please. ※ Reference: Articles on Human Rights Reporting of the Korea Journalists Association, Provisions on the Practice of Newspaper Ethics

February 21, 2020
Korea Journalist Association

G1 기자 최경식 2017-05-23 13.49.41

Active Administrative Support Plan for Response to Local Government Corona19

2003년 12월 서울소방 캐릭터 화동이 응용형-행정-5

□ Purpose and Background
○ The government-wide active administration system will be applied systematically and systematically in accordance with the current situation related to the response to Corona19.
-Customized support using current active administration promotion system
* Active administrative department (responsible officer), related departments (audit, personnel, regulation, legislation, contract, etc.)
○ To reduce the burden of work, including the possibility of disciplinary action on national disaster response results, to create an active administrative organizational atmosphere and contribute to the early termination of disasters.
-Support preemptive work by assisting urgent and proactive decision-making of public officials in Corona19 response

□ Active Administrative Support Plan for Corona19 Response
○ (Maintain cooperation system) Support active administration officials responding to Corona19 through close business cooperation between the department in charge of active administration and related departments
※ Example of cooperation system: Dedicated active administrative department (operating support committee), audit department (pre-consulting support, disciplinary request, etc.), human resources department (discipline disciplinary assistance, preferential employee award), legal department (support lawsuit, etc.) (Contract support related contracts), budget department (support support related to defense budget and reserves)
○ (Pre-consulting support) Support is provided through pre-consulting in cases where it is difficult to actively pursue business due to regulations or unclear regulations related to Corona 19.
※ Basis: Article 5, 「Regulations on the Active Administrative of Local Government Officials」
○ (Opinion) In the event that it is difficult to actively carry out work due to the advice of the head of the audit department on Corona 19 response and the unclear laws and regulations, public administration support committee suggests the direction of treatment.
※ Basis: Articles 10 and 12 of the Regulations on the Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ (Active administrative indemnity) If there is no intentional or gross negligence regarding the result of the active administration in relation to Corona 19 response, disclaimer of responsibility such as request for disciplinary action or censure or disciplinary action
-On the other hand, disciplinary action against negative administrations
※ Basis: Article 15 and 16 of the Regulations for Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ In the case of active administrative officers in response to Corona19 (such as litigation support), if they are required to take disciplinary action, etc. Assistance in litigation
※ Basis: Article 17 of the Regulations on the Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ (Excellent Civil Service Awards) Incentives, including rewards, including public officials in response to Corona19 when selecting outstanding public service officers
※ Basis: Article 13 and 14 of the Regulations for Proactive Management of Local Government Officials

□ Cooperation
○ Local governments will take preemptive support and reduce the burden on public officials who are responding to Corona19 by using an active administrative system and system.

20150209서초소방서 방배119안전센터 직원 행정업무중

Analysis of Corona19 Virus Genetic Analysis, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

20200227severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)2

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the results of analysis of viral genes from six patients with Corona19 with high resolution pictures of it. As a result of the analysis, no mutations have yet been found in the cell binding sites that play an important role in invading the human body, and in the gene sites responsible for virus proliferation and pathogenicity. Compared with a total of 103 corona19 virus genes from 16 countries including Australia, Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, United States, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam, the concordance rate was 99.89 ~ 100%. The absence of genetic mutations in the corona virus means that there are no fears of toxicological changes due to mutations or errors such as genetic testing. Jeong Eun-kyung, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “We have released high-resolution pictures of the Corona 19 virus that was taken using an electron microscope. As we are currently analyzing the proliferative and cross-reaction with human coronavirus antibodies in our cells, more detailed analyzes for prevention and response will be available soon.”

20200227severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)1

질병관리본부에서 창작한 위 저작물은 공공누리 1유형 “출처표시” 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다. 공공누리 모든 유형의 저작물 이용자는 저작물 활용시 출처표시를 꼭 해주셔야 합니다. 1유형의 저작물 이용자는 온·오프라인을 통하여 영리 목적으로 저작물을 공유 및 이용 가능하며 2차적 저작물로 변경하여 이용 할 수도 있습니다. 공공누리 1유형 일반증서

Above media contents are published under KOGL Type 1 License (Source Indication) by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Republic of Korea. It is the basic liability for the all KOGL contents user to indicate the copyright (source). The user can freely use the KOGL Type 1 contents work regardless of its commercial use without fee, and can change it to create secondary work. Use Terms Guide for Korea Open Government License (KOGL)

20200226소방 동원령 1호 발령에 따른 횡성소방서 안흥119지역대 구급차 구급이송지원

I hereby affirm that I am Choi Kwang-mo, the creator and sole owner of the exclusive copyright of the media works and texts in this web page, and have legal authority in my capacity to release the copyright of those works. I agree to publish the above-mentioned content under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain DedicationPublic Domain Mark button
2020. 2. 26.
Choi Kwang-mo.

Disinfection Method

12737 PHIL disinfection Ebola outbreak 1995
  1. Before beginning disinfection, wear a health mask and gloves and do not touch your face and eyes while cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. Prepare a disinfectant (follow manufacturer’s instructions (Attachment 1), or sodium hypochlorite (eg household laxes)).
  3. Leave the window open for ventilation.
  4. Repeated disinfection of the floor with prepared disinfectant from one end of the disinfection area to the other.
  5. Wet a cloth (towel) with the prepared disinfectant and clean all frequently used areas and the bathroom surface. (Handles, armrests, desks, chairs, keyboards, mice, switches, blinds, windows, walls, etc.)
  6. Wash bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets using a washing machine and detergent.
  7. Do not use mattresses, pillows, carpets, or cushions used by doctors with new coronavirus infections until the test results are available.
  8. All towels used for disinfection and waste from disinfection should be placed in special bags.
  9. Take off your gloves and wash your hands with soap and water.
  10. Remove the health mask and wash your hands with soap and water.
  11. Put gloves and mask in special bag.
  12. All waste from disinfection should be disposed of separately from other household waste.
  13. Shower and change clothes immediately after cleaning.
  14. Ventilate the disinfected area.
20150208과천소방서 119구급대 감염관리실2

Corona Virus Infectious Disease-19 Briefing (2020. 2. 23.)

0222 코로나19 예방수칙 포스터 영문

-Corona 19 quarantine response situation and future plan, plan for securing hospital beds and manpower by region, and utilization plan for each stage-

□ Corona Virus Infectious Disease-19 Pan-governmental Affairs Meeting, President Moon Jae-in, presided over the discussion of ▲ infectious disease crisis alert ▲ corona 19 quarantine response situation and future plan ▲ planning of beds and human resources by region and plans for use by stages.

1 Infectious disease crisis alert raised to “Severe”
□ In the current system, the infectious disease crisis alert is in the ‘border’ stage, and is responding to the central defense measures headquarters (disease management headquarters) and the central accident procurement headquarters (health welfare department) in accordance with the ‘severe’ stage.

○ Today’s pan-governmental measures conference will strengthen the response system by upgrading the crisis warning stage to “serious” as a preemptive measure against the possibility of the nationwide deployment of Corona 19.
-This measure takes into account the early stage of spreading and spreading of community around specific regions and groups, but requires preemptive response considering the possibility of spreading nationwide considering the speed of spread.

○ The government maintains consistency with the existing central defense countermeasures headquarters (the Center for Disease Control) and the central accident procurement headquarters (health and welfare department) system to support them, while maintaining the coherence of the central disaster safety headquarters. (1st Minister: Health and Welfare Minister, 2nd Minister: Ministry of Public Administration and Security)

-Responding to government departments and strengthening the support system of the central government and local governments, the government will respond with unprecedented strong and prompt measures without being bound by regulations.

○ In the “severe” phase, the government will implement containment policies, such as blocking outflow of corona 19, patient discovery and contact isolation, while continuing to implement strategies to block and minimize the spread of communities.

The action was decided this afternoon through the government’s discussions and the Crisis Assessment Meeting, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and was applied by the Minister of Health and Welfare.

The government said that in the ‘severe’ phase, the government will push for strong countermeasures such as social isolation to prevent more proliferation of corona.

○ First, the Daegu region requested autonomous restraint and restrictions on movement for at least two weeks, and the deceased box was requested to be promptly inspected by the screening clinic.

0222 코로나19 예방수칙 포스터 베트남

-In addition, residents of other regions who visited the Daegu area were asked to refrain from going out in accordance with the Daegu area and to be promptly inspected in case of any symptoms.

○ The government also plans to designate a dedicated hospital for rapid treatment and secure beds for patients with low severity among patients with corona19 confirmation.

-In this regard, it will designate and introduce infectious disease consulting hospitals for each trial within one week, and will secure 1,000 additional beds for Daegu regional checkers and secure 10,000 therapeutic beds nationwide. .

○ On the other hand, the government said that it was preparing for the introduction of medical personnel for early diagnosis, sampling and treatment of patients with mild respiratory diseases through medical organizations.

In addition, the government has promised to provide adequate courtesy and loss compensation for medical workers who cooperate to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Lastly, the government recommended that events be held in narrow indoor spaces or crowded events and refrain from going outside and taking rest in case of fever or respiratory symptoms.

-We also asked the employer to cooperate with them to allow sick leave without a medical certificate.

2 corona 19 quarantine-response situation and future plan

Currently, the spread of community infections is beginning to occur in some limited areas, such as the rapid increase in patients with Corona19 and the absence of epidemiologic associations.
○ In addition, the Corona 19 epidemic is expected to continue for some time in mainland China, and the possibility of inflows from non-China countries is still high.

○ First of all, we decided to continue to block the inflow of corona 19 from patients’ areas such as China.

-China will continue to enter Japan, including the ban on foreigners from Hubei, suspension of visa issued by the Consulate General of Wuhan, and strengthened visa screening (mainland China) and special entry procedures * for Chinese entrants.

Allows entry after checking residence and contact information, monitoring for 14 days through self-diagnosis app
0222 코로나19 예방수칙 포스터 중문

○ Minimize trips to major patient areas to prevent influx from third countries other than China, and provide travel history of major patient areas to medical institutions and pharmacies.

□ Considering the proliferation of patients in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, we will also actively carry out measures to prevent the spread of local communities.

○ Expand screening clinics and operate mobile specimen collection teams and mobile clinics for early detection of patients through rapid examination. It also continues to expand diagnostic testing capabilities and adds Corona19 to existing respiratory disease surveillance.

○ In order to block the inflow of patients into the medical institution, new pneumonia patients should be diagnosed before entering the intensive care unit or before entering the intensive care unit.

-In particular, the National Assurance Hospital (2.22 ~~, application received) was introduced to operate a medical treatment area for respiratory patients completely separated from non-respiratory patients so that the public can receive medical treatment with confidence. You can get counseling and prescriptions over the phone without having to.

○ Acquire hospital beds and manpower by region, and in the event of a sudden patient outbreak, provide centralized coordination of resources and support beds, personnel and equipment. We will continue to strengthen our treatment capacity and provide loss compensation to participate in diagnosis and treatment without harming medical institutions.

□ Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Qingdao, are “Infectious Disease Special Control Areas”, and they will be concentrated and all possible quarantine measures will be implemented.

○ The Daegu area is conducting self-isolation and diagnostic tests by securing a list of all high-risk troops who participated in religious events.

-In addition, Daegu Medical Center and Daegu Dongsan Hospital first secured beds (156), and designated Daegu Medical Center as an exclusive hospital for infectious diseases (2.21 days) to secure additional hospital beds by taking all hospitalized patients to other institutions. 453). Afterwards, if there is a shortage of hospital beds, Daegu Public Hospital (Daegu Veterans Hospital) will be designated as a dedicated hospital, and neighboring public hospitals (Red Cross Hospital) will be designated. In addition, if there is a need for a negative pressure therapy bed, the military will use the National Army Hospital.

-It also supports 162 public medical personnel such as public hospitals, military (medical doctors and nurses), and public health doctors, as well as medical protective equipment and diagnostic inspection equipment.

-In particular, through early cooperation and efforts in the medical community, the local community, and across the nation, we will focus on the treatment of all potential deeds, medical personnel, facilities, and equipment.

○ In Gyeongbuk, all patients and workers in Qingdao Daenam Hospital were diagnosed.

-Convert Qingdao University Hospital into quarantine treatment hospital to treat patients who are hospitalized in mental ward, and other confirmed patients are transferred to National Medical Center.

-In preparation for the possibility of additional patients, up to 900 hospital beds will be secured by taking all inpatients from four local infectious hospitals (Andong, Pohang, Gimcheon, and Uljin Medical Center).

-20 medical personnel from the National Mental Health Center, 1 from the National Health Corporation Ilsan Hospital, and medical equipment such as Level D are also supported.

□ In addition, the site of Daegu and Qingdao, Gyeongbuk shall promptly respond to the site’s support needs from the central ministry through the Special Government Special Measures Support Group.

○ It is dispatched to Daegu on February 20 to carry out on-site support activities, followed by an additional dispatch on February 22 to Qingdao, Gyeongbuk.

□ Park Neon-hu, director of the Central Accident and Welfare Division, said, “In addition to efforts to block the influx of corona 19 in Korea, we have prepared for local response to minimize damages such as early diagnosis of corona 19 and provision of appropriate treatment according to the severity. We will build a system, ”he said,“ You will also actively participate in the government’s defense policy, including the belief of the authorities and the observance of personal hygiene rules. ”

3 Acquisition of hospital beds and manpower by region and utilization plan

□ Patients with respiratory infections, such as Corona19, have been assigned to treat negative pressure beds (single room). Currently, there are 1,077 negative pressure beds operating in public and private hospitals nationwide, of which 394 are in use and 683 beds are available. This is the situation (as of 2.22 days).

○ However, except in some areas such as Seoul, most of them have less than 30 beds and there is regional imbalance. Therefore, if a large number of confirmed patients occur in some areas, it may be difficult to accept them in that area.

□ At this meeting, the government will continue to expand negative pressure beds for the treatment of severe patients, secure 10,000 hospital beds per trial for the treatment of mild patients, and secure hospital beds with plans to designate national hospitals and to secure hospital beds and personnel. Announcement of utilization measures.

○ For the treatment of severe patients, we will continue to expand the negative pressure beds using mobile townsmans, and further expand the negative pressure beds by using unused sound pressure devices at medical institutions and health centers nationwide.

○ For the treatment of mild patients, a dedicated hospital will be designated for each trial to secure 10,000 beds. In preparation for the occurrence of a large number of community confirmed patients, 43 institutions including national medical centers and public hospitals were designated as dedicated hospitals, and by 2.28 days, all patients were ordered to be introduced to other institutions.

-The designated and introduced hospitals are undertaking local inspections by assigning a responsible person (manager-level) to the Central Accidents Headquarters for each situation for sufficient loss compensation and management of all patients.

In addition, the National Medical Center and the National Armed Forces General Hospital were designated as the National Infectious Diseases Hospital (2.20 days) to secure additional beds other than the local dedicated hospitals. The government is also planning to designate dedicated hospitals for national and public hospitals such as Yeongju and Sangju Red Cross Hospital.
□ When confirming patients, try to make the best use of available beds in the area (trial), and in the case of a large number of patients in a particular area, the central accident center will adjust the use of the bed.

□ To secure the necessary manpower, we secure the necessary manpower through cooperation with the local medical community, and actively support the manpower that is lacking at the central level through the dispatch of public medical manpower.

0221 코로나19 예방수칙 국문

□ Park Neung-hoo, head of the Central Accident and Welfare Division, said, “The nation’s medical system, medical personnel, and technology are the best in the world to respond to Corona 19, and you can rest assured.
○ In addition, “We are sincerely grateful to the medical personnel who are striving for national health at the forefront.”

prevention of COVID-19 Workplace Response Guidelines

COVID-19 Outbreak Cases in South Korea

This guideline is to protect workers’ health by preventing the spread and spread of corona 19 in the workplace in case of the recent spread of corona 19 in China.

Default orientation
○ At the workplace level, thoroughly identify trends in absenteeism and incidences of workers (including subcontractors, dispatches, and service workers) who exhibit communicable symptoms such as suspected corona19.
○ The manager of the workplace shall take appropriate measures to ensure proper quarantine if any Corona 19 patients (including those subject to isolation) occur among the employees (including subcontractors, dispatches, and service workers).
○ Health managers, including health managers (including health management agencies), thoroughly educate their employees (including subcontractors, dispatchers, and service workers) and check their implementation.
○ In preparation for the Corona 19 epidemic, at the workplace level, a dedicated department or person in charge for management and continuation of work is established, and a preparedness and response plan is established. In this case, the company plans to include a subcontractor.

Measures for preventing and spreading corona19

Strengthening worker hygiene management and maintaining cleanliness and disinfection
○ Strengthen personal hygiene management.
-Encourage workers to practice personal hygiene by securing enough sinks and hand sanitary items such as hand cleaners (soaps), hand sanitizers, disposable towels and toilet papers.
-Follow cough manners and guide your mouth and nose to cover your sleeves when coughing or sneezing.

◈ Action to prevent the spread of corona 19 (Attachment 1)
○ Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 30 seconds or more
○ Follow cough etiquette if you have respiratory symptoms such as cough
-Cover your mouth and nose with sleeves if you cough or sneeze
-Visiting a medical center with respiratory symptoms
○ Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth
○ If you have a fever, respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) or pneumonia within 14 days of traveling to China, report to the public health center.

-Prepare adequately for the supply of goods in advance in preparation for lack of protective equipment and sanitary items * or confusion of supply.
* Mask, soap, hand cleaner, hand towel, toilet paper, disinfectant, thermometer
○ Promote personal hygiene practices to workers and customers (visitors).
-Promote basic personal hygiene practices (hand washing, cough etiquette, etc.) to workers and customers (visitors) to prevent the spread in the workplace.
-Post promotional notices or posters in showers, washbasins, etc.
* Use the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (
○ Keep the workplace clean.
-Maintain cleanliness and disinfection in workplaces, such as sinks, door handles, handrails, and sinks.
-Workers in charge of disinfection should wear personal protective equipment when cleaning or disinfecting, and disinfect them according to the usage, usage and dosage of disinfectant products approved by the Ministry of Environment.
* For details, refer to the Disinfection Guidance Center (Annex 6) for the Prevention of Infected Corona Virus Infections.
-Prohibit the joint use of cups, plates, and spoons, and periodically ventilate the room.
○ Clean the surrounding furniture and rooms such as dormitories run by the workplace and separate bedding and towels.
○ When commuting buses are operated, sanitary management should be thoroughly managed by disinfecting commuting buses frequently, and workers are trained to observe basic cough manners.

Prevention of influx and spread of infection in workplace
○ Workers with fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) are recommended to wear a mask and see a nearby medical institution.

Recommended use of masks to prevent corona19
○ (How to use the mask) Cover your mouth and nose completely with a mask, make sure there are no gaps between your face and mask, and do not touch the mask during use.If you touch the mask, wash your hands with soap and water, or wipe with alcohol hand sanitizer.
○ (If you need to wear more than KF80) ① If you have respiratory symptoms such as cough, ② If a healthy person takes care of a suspicious person, ③ Visits to medical institutions, ④ Workers with high risk of infection or spread *
* Ex) Public transport drivers, salesmen, station attendants, postman deliverymen, courier technicians, large building managers, and vocational workers who must respond directly to customers, etc.
○ (If masks are not required) Non-crowded outdoor or individual spaces [excerpts from the KFDA ‘Recommendation for using masks to prevent corona 19’]

Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in South Korea (Korean version)

○ Strengthen management before and after business trips and trips to workers coming from overseas business trips and trips.
-Workers planning on business trips and trips are actively trained to fully understand the “Personal Hygiene Rules and Precautions such as Multi-Dense Site Visits, Precautions Abroad, and Precautions after Returning Home”.
* In the case of China, Hubei Province has three stages (recommendation of withdrawal: withdrawal and cancellation of travel unless it is urgent). Alarm issued (as of ’20 .1.28)
** Avoid travel in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, where Corona 19 occurs, unless it is unavoidable (based on ’20 .2.10).
-Workers entering from abroad should describe the health condition document as it is and report it to the quarantine officer.
-Workers who have recently entered abroad should visit a medical institution or screening clinic if they have a fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.).
○ In particular, in case of workers who have returned from China within the last 14 days, they should take leave, work from home, Take advantage of closures.
-In particular, group facilities and multi-use facilities ** that are likely to spread are always monitored for signs of spread through self-heating monitoring.
* (Group facilities) Schools, workplaces, youth and family facilities, day care centers, kindergartens, social welfare facilities, postpartum care centers, medical institutions, etc.
** (multi-use facilities) libraries, art galleries, performance halls, sports facilities, shopping centers (large marts, markets, duty-free shops, department stores, etc.), cinemas, etc.
○ Service sectors that serve customers, such as medical institutions *, airlines, large marts, and transportation businesses, should establish their own inspection and response plans in consideration of the characteristics of the workplace.
* Includes cleaning, laundry, and care service workers (caregivers, caregivers, etc.), petition police, etc.
-The employer encourages workers who serve customers to wear hand sanitizers * and masks to prevent infections and to provide necessary sanitation.
* In addition to treating patients or handling specimens at medical institutions, workers who respond to customers may spread the pathogen if they continue to use the contaminated gloves without replacing them immediately.Therefore, hand washing and hand cleaners (alcohol cleaners) may be used rather than gloves. Personal hygiene management

When finding a medical patient or confirmed patient in the workplace
○ When finding a medical patient at the workplace, check for symptom and wear a mask and report it to the health center or disease control center call center 1339 immediately.

◈ Doctor Patient
자 Those who have had a fever (37.5 ℃ or higher) or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) within 14 days after visiting China
자 Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) within 14 days after being in close contact with the confirmed patient during the symptom onset of the confirmed patient.
자 suspected of having corona19 infection

Anyone who develops fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) within 14 days after traveling to the country’s epidemic country of Corona, or other unexplained pneumonia, etc.) -At this time, if there is a worker who has been in contact with the worker, do not move until the inspection and epidemiological investigation of the public health center are carried out.Wear personal protective equipment ** (masks, disposable gloves, etc.) in the quarantine area of ​​the workplace and wait for the health center staff.

If it is impossible to secure temporary containment space, follow the instructions of the public health center
** Before the arrival of the health center staff, those who come into contact with the suspect should wear a mask.
-After transfer to the doctor’s health center, wear personal protective equipment (mask, disposable gloves, etc.) and disinfect the quarantine area where the patient stayed by using disinfectant such as alcohol and lax.
-Workers or contacts who have been selected for self-containment by the health authority will not be sent to work, but will be reported to the manager by wire and should be taken to the hospital or self-containment according to the guidance of the health authority.
○ If a confirmed patient * is identified at the workplace, it must be immediately reported to all workers **.

Regardless of the clinical condition, it refers to a case where an infectious disease pathogen infection is confirmed according to the examination criteria for diagnosis, and all workers working at the workplace and customers who visited the workplace are confirmed as confirmed patients.
** Including workers from contractors, dispatchers, and contractors working together in the workplace
-Employers shall actively cooperate with in-depth epidemiological investigations by the Epidemiological Investigation Team of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
-The employer shall actively cooperate with the measures taken by the public health center, such as disinfecting moving copper wires for confirmed patients.
-Exposed areas of confirmed patients can be disinfected using workplaces in accordance with the Guidelines for Disinfection of Collective and Multi-use Facilities for Disease Control Centers (Attachment 6). .

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After disinfection, the virus dies on the day of disinfection, but is prohibited for daily use in consideration of the possibility of harm from disinfectant use.
-Active monitoring for workers who worked in space-time where the moving lines, such as the place * and time of the confirmed patient’s stay, are clearly separated from the health center.

Refers to all places within the workplace, such as workplaces, lounges, restaurants, and places visited by customers and visitors.

Establishment of dedicated system and response plan for large absences
○ Designate a response and preparation plan at the workplace level to designate a dedicated department or person in charge.
-In order to continue the work in the major areas of the workplace when the epidemic spreads, identify the status of key personnel and technologies, and then establish and check the ‘continuity plan for emergency’.
-The plan includes workers of contractors, dispatchers, and contractors working together in-house.
○ Establish a business plan in preparation for absenteeism due to the occurrence of confirmed patients or doctors.
-In order to reduce the damages caused by massive absenteeism, workers ‘personal information is identified in advance and workers’ management plans are prepared.
* Possible reasons include child infection, nursing care, and care for children
-Establish a reorganization plan * to minimize work spaces due to absences.
* Organizing alternative working groups, designating alternative working places, adjusting working hours, working from home, etc.
-Establish provision for remuneration and leave for infected persons and return to work after recovery.