Active Administrative Support Plan for Response to Local Government Corona19

2003년 12월 서울소방 캐릭터 화동이 응용형-행정-5

□ Purpose and Background
○ The government-wide active administration system will be applied systematically and systematically in accordance with the current situation related to the response to Corona19.
-Customized support using current active administration promotion system
* Active administrative department (responsible officer), related departments (audit, personnel, regulation, legislation, contract, etc.)
○ To reduce the burden of work, including the possibility of disciplinary action on national disaster response results, to create an active administrative organizational atmosphere and contribute to the early termination of disasters.
-Support preemptive work by assisting urgent and proactive decision-making of public officials in Corona19 response

□ Active Administrative Support Plan for Corona19 Response
○ (Maintain cooperation system) Support active administration officials responding to Corona19 through close business cooperation between the department in charge of active administration and related departments
※ Example of cooperation system: Dedicated active administrative department (operating support committee), audit department (pre-consulting support, disciplinary request, etc.), human resources department (discipline disciplinary assistance, preferential employee award), legal department (support lawsuit, etc.) (Contract support related contracts), budget department (support support related to defense budget and reserves)
○ (Pre-consulting support) Support is provided through pre-consulting in cases where it is difficult to actively pursue business due to regulations or unclear regulations related to Corona 19.
※ Basis: Article 5, 「Regulations on the Active Administrative of Local Government Officials」
○ (Opinion) In the event that it is difficult to actively carry out work due to the advice of the head of the audit department on Corona 19 response and the unclear laws and regulations, public administration support committee suggests the direction of treatment.
※ Basis: Articles 10 and 12 of the Regulations on the Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ (Active administrative indemnity) If there is no intentional or gross negligence regarding the result of the active administration in relation to Corona 19 response, disclaimer of responsibility such as request for disciplinary action or censure or disciplinary action
-On the other hand, disciplinary action against negative administrations
※ Basis: Article 15 and 16 of the Regulations for Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ In the case of active administrative officers in response to Corona19 (such as litigation support), if they are required to take disciplinary action, etc. Assistance in litigation
※ Basis: Article 17 of the Regulations on the Proactive Management of Local Government Officials
○ (Excellent Civil Service Awards) Incentives, including rewards, including public officials in response to Corona19 when selecting outstanding public service officers
※ Basis: Article 13 and 14 of the Regulations for Proactive Management of Local Government Officials

□ Cooperation
○ Local governments will take preemptive support and reduce the burden on public officials who are responding to Corona19 by using an active administrative system and system.

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