Gwanak Safety Theme Park

A safety experience center that introduces augmented reality content at the fire station was opened.

관악소방서 관악안전테마파크 VR화재체험 Gwanak Safety Theme Park VR fire experience

Gwanak Fire Station announced on the December 22nd that it will operate a fire safety theme park using the Nudge Effect, which can induce actions without direct means.

Gwanak Fire Station has completed a fire safety theme park designed to imprint safety common sense. It will be open to citizens on the 23rd after the pilot operation on the 16th and 18th.

관악소방서 관악안전테마파크 떡이 목에 걸렸을땐 이렇게 Gwanak Safety Theme Park Heimlich Maneuver

The first pilot operation was conducted under the concept of Santa firefighters with the meaning of gifting safety to the 119 boys group consisting of juveniles in Cheongryong Elementary School.

관악소방서 관악안전테마파크 사계절 워터파크 물놀이 안전 Gwanak Safety Theme Park water safety

Other fire departments have safety centers where citizens can study fire extinguishers, evacuation drills and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Gwanak Fire Station introduced the concept of play for the first time in Korea and organized it for safe experience through storytelling.

관악소방서 관악안전테마파크 미분무 소화기 화재실습2 Gwanak Safety Theme Park putting off fire in the laboratory using fire extinguisher

At the safety theme park, one can visit △ fire suppression experience corner to learn in virtual reality (VR) △ smoke evacuation corner △ evacuation equipment corner In addition, △ first aid corner where you can learn how to respond to cardiac arrest, suffocation, and fracture. △ How to deal with snakes, bees, and wild animals in virtual reality △ Camping safety corner for taking pictures with family members

Virtual reality (VR) was also implemented using lighting and images. The Park is available to adults as well as children.

Lee Yoon-jung, the manager of Public Relation and Education team, said, “Educational effect will be high because it allows children to learn safety common sense while they are playing naturally.”The safety theme park is open from Monday to Friday. The fee is free. You can make a reservation by calling the Gwanak Fire Station PR Team (☎ 02-6981-8233) in advance.

관악소방서장 고숭, 홍보교육팀장 이윤정 관악안전테마파크 생활안전존 Gwanak Safety Theme Park