Notification of ‘discovery cases’ related to document leakage, such as corona 19 confirmation

Gangwon-do Audit Committee

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Recently, documents containing information such as corona 19 confirmed persons were leaked through social network services (SNS), causing social confusion and disrupting infection prevention activities. The service inspector investigated the facts related to document leaks reported to the media and informed the government officials that they would seriously censure the relevant officials.

Accordingly, the Metropolitan Government, its direct agencies, establishments, and cities and counties spread the cases of leaks to their employees so that documents containing personal information related to ‘Corona 19’ are not leaked to the outside. Please take action.


① (A self-governing body) ○○ The director instructs the employee to upload the documents related to the corona 19 confirmation and contact person prepared by the public health center to the group center staff and send them to the technical group so that the member of the functional group is sent to the mom cafe. Publish and spread
▪ Two employees sent relevant documents to KakaoTalk to their parents, spouses, brothers, and other family members and acquaintances.

② (B-government) Take a report on the report of the occurrence of the report to the mayor from the ○○ department and send it to two acquaintances via telegram and KakaoTalk. Post and spread on ”

③ (C self-governing body) The ‘New Trend of Corona Virus Suspicious Patient Report’ written by the public health center was sent to KakaoTalk to two business associates, who then sent the document to KakaoTalk to other acquaintances, and then ‘○○ Published and spread in “ Mom’s Hangouts ” (Mam Cafe)

④ (D self-governing body) Received the data of the ‘Secretary Corresponding Office for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases and Bureau’s’ produced by the department ○○ and shot it on the mobile phone, and then took a KakaoTalk group chat room containing his daughter and nephew (4 Person) and his sister’s personal KakaoTalk, and then the document leaker’s daughter sent to his best friend’s KakaoTalk to spread the document.