Disinfection Method

12737 PHIL disinfection Ebola outbreak 1995
  1. Before beginning disinfection, wear a health mask and gloves and do not touch your face and eyes while cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. Prepare a disinfectant (follow manufacturer’s instructions (Attachment 1), or sodium hypochlorite (eg household laxes)).
  3. Leave the window open for ventilation.
  4. Repeated disinfection of the floor with prepared disinfectant from one end of the disinfection area to the other.
  5. Wet a cloth (towel) with the prepared disinfectant and clean all frequently used areas and the bathroom surface. (Handles, armrests, desks, chairs, keyboards, mice, switches, blinds, windows, walls, etc.)
  6. Wash bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets using a washing machine and detergent.
  7. Do not use mattresses, pillows, carpets, or cushions used by doctors with new coronavirus infections until the test results are available.
  8. All towels used for disinfection and waste from disinfection should be placed in special bags.
  9. Take off your gloves and wash your hands with soap and water.
  10. Remove the health mask and wash your hands with soap and water.
  11. Put gloves and mask in special bag.
  12. All waste from disinfection should be disposed of separately from other household waste.
  13. Shower and change clothes immediately after cleaning.
  14. Ventilate the disinfected area.
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