Multipurpose 『Special Policy』 Firefighting Promotion Plan Spreading to the World (feruza aukulova’s visit to hoengseong fire station)

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6974 방호구조과장 박영민 구조구급담당 최광모 Shohruh Avazova 횡성소방서장 이석철 소방행정과장 안정수 20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6855

󰊱 Date: ’20. 1. 23. (Thur) / 10:30 ~ 15:10
󰊲 Promotion place: Hoengseong Fire Station, Hoengseong Traditional Market, etc.
󰊳 Visitors: 2 Uzbekistan journalists ‣ Perugia Alikurova and Shockk Avazov
(Feruza Avazava Alisherovna / shoruh Avazov)
내용 Main Contents: Introduction of Hoengseong Fire Station, Interview with Employees, Fire Fighting Campaign
󰊶 expected effect
-Fostering the Korean Fire Industry and Cultivating Culture
-Sharing firefighting policies between countries by promoting multinational firefighting
-“ Building a Global Platform for Korean Firefighting ” through Continuous World Promotion
-Due to the characteristics of Hoengseong-gun where many immigrant women are present, mutual understanding is improved through this policy.
󰊷 Administrative matters
-The Hoengseong 119 Safety Center and Rescue Team have no space for preliminary interview and dispatch.
Cooperate with the filming line.

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시 간 장  소 대  상 내    용
10:30~10:55 서장실 방호구조과장기자 2 – 소방서 도착 및 서장과 T-Time
11:00~12:00 횡성 시장 및 횡성오거리   기자 2소방 등 50 – 설, 『고향집, 주택용 소방시설 선물  하기』 집중홍보 및 캠페인 추진
13:20~15:00 청사 앞   소방사 김다연소방교 진윤식소방장 강병일※ 변동가능 有 – 대한민국 소방을 대표하여   화재·구조·구급대원 인터뷰 추진   ☞ 인터뷰 내용 사전 제공
15:00~15:10 청사 앞 – 기념사진 촬영

Hoengseong Fire Station (CEO Lee Suk-cheol) announced on the 23rd that it had launched a multi-purpose “special measure” fire-fighting campaign with KUN.UZ reporter Feruza Avazova Alisherovna of Uzbekistan. Founded in 2012, is Uzbekistan’s Internet news magazine, which uses three languages ​​(Russia, English, Uzbekistan) to upload articles to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and to interact with numerous followers. On this day, he introduced Korea’s Hoengseong Fire Station and interviewed firefighters Kim Da-yeon, Park Young-min, Jin Yun-sik and Kang Byeong-il. At the Hoengseong Market and Hoengseong Ohori, 50 people including firefighting and related organizations promoted the home firefighting campaign in Japan. The above information will be reported to in 1-2 days. Choi Kwang-Mo, a first aid worker in charge of this work, said, “The multinational public relations provided an opportunity to share firefighting policies with each other.” “We will continue to create such opportunities in the future.” Lee Seok-chul, director of Hoengseong Fire Station, said, “This nature has led to the establishment of a global platform exclusively for Hoengseong Firefighting. said.