Letter of request regarding Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy

Letter of request regarding Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy  (2019) 
by Gangwon Fire Headquarters

강원소방본부장 김충식 통역 최광모 워싱턴 D.C. 소방학교장 20190228Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation's Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy44

Official document written by Fire Marshall Choi Kwang-mo, signed and approved by Kim Choong-sik, Fire Commissioner of Gangwon Fire Headquarters.[1] Public Disclosure Information[2] under KOGL Type 1[3]Gangwon Fire Headquarters delegation visited Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy on February 28, 2019

Dear public relationship officer of District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department,

We admire your efforts and dedication to the safety of the citizens of United States and District of Columbia.

Gangwon Fire Headquarters is planning to visit fire safety organizations of USA to benchmark the advanced fire, rescue, first aid technology and disaster management system.

As far as we know, District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department is providing fire protection and emergency medical service for the District of Columbia citizens handling 225,000 annual calls with 2,130 employees. As an organ of the devolved district government, DC FEMS is also responsible for providing fire, EMS, hazardous materials containment for the federal district including the White House.[4] We understand that your agency, responsible for the safety of Federal government buildings and officials, is protecting citizens’ lives and property in an effective and visible way.

Gangwon Fire Headquarters plans to build a driving education facility and introduce various programs, and this visit will be a valuable opportunity for us to benchmark your services. In the long run, we intend to have our education facilities and programs accredited by National Fire Protection Association and Pro Board in the same way DC FEMS is educating firefighters and running courses.

Visitors are as follows.

  1. Kim Choong-sik (Fire Deputy Chief, Fire Commissioner of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  2. Park Tae-won (Fire Assistant Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
  3. Heo Gang-young (Fire Battalion Chief, Education Team Manager of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  4. Lee Goang-seob (Fire Marshall, Administration Manager of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
  5. Choi Kwang-mo (Fire Marshall, Field Command Manager of Heongseong Fire Station)
  6. Hong Seung-wan (Fire Engineer, Equipments & Apparatus Manager of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)

If possible, we would like to visit on February 28th (Thu). We appreciate your advice on the time and the sequence of the visit and hope it will be reviewed positively.

Best Regards,

Kim Choong-sik

Fire Commissioner
Gangwon Fire Headquarters


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2019 wildfire white paper in Gangwon-do

2016년 5월 7일 강원도지사 최문순 DSC00460

First of all, I think it is very meaningful to publish a forest fire white paper in April that reviews the field activities such as firefighting and evacuation of human lives. Gangwon-do is a forest of 81% of the total area, and is a treasure trove of forest resources, and dense forests, beautiful nature, clean water and air centered on Baekdu-daegan, are valuable assets that will enrich our future. It is also. Unfortunately, we suffered a disaster that resembled a battlefield in April, with large forest fires that lost about 4,000 times the size of the football field and numerous victims. Though once deprived and frustrated, the Gangwon-do people’s dedication and effort, and firemen, struggling firefighters, medical fire brigades, forestry officials, military servicemen, etc. I could. The permanent restoration of devastated forests will take more than 50 years, but I believe that if we gather the strength and wisdom of all of our citizens, we will be able to restore to the beautiful forests of the past, and we will be an opportunity for telephone restoration. In this context, the publication of this wildfire white paper is considered more deeply, and the forest fire prevention has a great expectation in that it will be a valuable foundation for the construction of forest-free Gangwon-do. Finally, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for your dedication and support in forest fire extinguishing and restoration.

Gangwon provincial governor Choi Moon-soon

2011년 5월 5일 산림청 헬기 강릉 소금강 추락 사고 DSC00902

Forests are where our lives, cultures and history began, and the clean water, clean air and the beautiful natural environment of the forests are valuable assets that enrich human life. In particular, as Gangwon-do is composed mostly of forests, the protection and development of forest resources is becoming more important. Last spring, there was a sad and heartbreaking loss of precious forest resources in our province. The East Coast wildfires, which have caused the worst damage in history, have deeply hurt many people, but it is a great lesson for us that the whole nation has been able to prevent greater disasters. Firefighters from all over the country for the night’s fire suppression, Forest Service family members who led the firefighting activities in the wind, military servicemen, police, volunteers from all over the country, and all the people who gathered their hearts like my work. ! I believe that thanks to the united heart of all people, I was able to overcome the disaster that I could not handle. Therefore, the publication of the 2019 Gangwon Wildfire White Paper, which systematically summarizes and re-examines the history of overcoming forest fires on the east coast, is more meaningful and special. We hope to serve as an opportunity to remind us of our proud history of gathering the strength and wisdom of all the people and overcome our nation’s precious assets, even in the event of a great disaster. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have been striving for forest fire prevention, evolution and recovery, and to all of the officials who have worked hard to make this book. Let’s work hard together. Congratulations on the publication of the “ 2019 Gangwon Wildfire White Paper ”. Thank you.

Chairman of the Gangwon-do council Han Geum-seok

2012년 7월 서울특별시 소방공무원 활동 사진 앨범 소방항공대 입선.은평.북한산 산불 진화

The Gangwon wildfire, which occurred in April after the spring special drying campaign lasted more than 40 days, quickly spread to 2,868 ha of forests and 1,800 dong including housing in just two hours. Kangwon Fire Station has been preparing for disaster response stably since it has suffered large-scale wildfires, such as the East Coast wildfire that occurred in six cities and counties in Samcheok in 2000 and the Yangyang wildfire that lost Naksansa Temple in 2005. As a result, the largest firefighting force was mobilized more rapidly than ever with a unified command system from the Fire Service, the general agency responsible for land disasters, to local fire departments, and the local authorities, police, The organic activities of related organizations, such as military units, were systematically interlocked so that fires could be extinguished in a relatively short time, even in the worst weather conditions.

Firefighters, medical firefighters and firefighting families! Firefighting should focus all its capabilities on developing disaster response capabilities based on the mission that public safety is a priority. This white paper is designed to analyze the disaster of forest fire and describe the evolutionary process in detail to become a manual that strengthens the forest fire response and to serve as a fodder for the sweat and effort of those who participated in the forest fire evolution process. I did it. Other city and provincial firefighters and volunteers who ran and helped the firefighters, medical firefighters, and forest fire-related workers who worked on the fire at all kinds of dangers even in the harshest terrain and in the worst weather conditions. Thank you again for taking this opportunity to all of you. We hope that this white paper will be of little help to all those who are striving for the comfort and safety of the people.

Chung-Sik Kim, Fire Commissioner, Gangwon Fire Headquarters.

Kim Chungsik (firefighter)

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 4743

Kim Choong-sik is a Korean firefighter. He graduated from Konkuk University, Seoul, and served as the Fire Commissioner the Chungcheongbuk-do Department of Fire, the spokesman of the National Fire Agency, and the Fire Commissioner of the Gangwon Fire Services.

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 7198

I hereby affirm that I am Choi Kwang-mo, the creator and sole owner of the exclusive copyright of the media works in this web page, and have legal authority in my capacity to release the copyright of those works. I agree to publish the above-mentioned content under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain DedicationPublic Domain Mark button
2020. 2. 25.
Choi Kwang-mo.

July 2020

neutrality obligations of public officials

Public Election Act
[Some Amendments, 2019.8.1., Law No. 12212]

대한민국의 지방선거 大韓民國-地方選擧 포스터 beeniru

Article 9 (neutrality obligations of public officials, etc.) (1) Public officials and other persons (including agencies and organizations) who must maintain political neutrality shall not engage in unfair influence on elections or acts affecting election results.
② (omitted)

Article 85 (Prohibition of Election, etc. by Public Officials, etc.) (1) A person who is required to maintain political neutrality in accordance with laws, including public officials, may act to influence elections, such as unfair influence on elections by using his / her position or by status. none.
(2) Officials may not campaign using their position. In this case, an election campaign targeting officials, their employees, employees, such as the organizations referred to in Article 53 (1) 4 through 6, or the employees and employees of employment-restricting organizations under Article 17 of the Official Ethics Act, We see it as an election campaign using that position.
③ ④ (omitted)

Article 255 (Senior Election Campaign Sin) ① ② ④ (Omitted)
③ Persons falling under any of the following subparagraphs shall be sentenced to five years in prison.


A person who campaigns in violation of Article 85 (2);
(5) A person who violates Article 85 (1) shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine not exceeding 20 million won.

Article 268 (Prescription of Judge) ① ② (Omitted)
(3) Notwithstanding paragraphs (1) and (2), public officials (excluding persons who may campaign in accordance with the provisions of Article 60 (1) 4) shall be provided for in this Act in connection with their duties or using their status. The statute of limitations of a crime shall be completed 10 years after the date of the election (the offense committed after the election is 10 years from the date of the act).

2014년 6월 4일 부산광역시 지방선거 개표현장 소방력 지원02

Major cases of violations related to election neutrality obligations of public officials

❍ Even if government departments have no choice but to promote the business and promote the plan during the election period, the government will advertise the contents adopted by the political party during the election.
❍ The government advertises the newspaper using a pattern emphasizing the number ‘1’ to promote the policy and remind the electorate of a political party with the number 1.
❍ After reviewing the financial demands and financing plans for the welfare pledges of each party participating in the election, it is announced to the media that the implementation of all welfare pledges may lead to increased tax burden and future generation burden.
❍ Comprehensive training on content that includes a policy of changing positions between political parties or candidates (including candidates for candidates) during an impending election.
❍ Instruct 100,000 affiliated employees to refrain from political activities, such as soliciting voting, and report the results to 10 affiliated employees.
❍ Some ministers and deputy ministers, including the Minister of State, visited the relevant administrative agencies in the parliamentary elections, promising to continue local projects and support the next year’s budget.
❍ When the minister of government receives a request for a toast from a party at a party of a certain political party, please answer with a victory if you say I am a general election.
❍ At the time of the impending election, the incumbent minister visited his or her area of ​​association with a party of a specific political party and came to a press conference to find people who can truly work for ○○. Must succeed. ”
❍ Delegate after election day because senior officials and other high-ranking officials who visit the provinces as part of the year-round patrols and gather their suggestions and announce local policies may cause misunderstandings related to the election.
❍ The announcement of policies such as job creation, special excise tax reduction, and release of military reserves when elections are imminent may not be a violation of election laws but may be perceived as trying to influence election results.
❍ Posting comments such as “likes” and supporting candidates on various social network services (SNS), such as Facebook and Instagram, may be a violation of the neutral duty of the Public Election Act.

2014년 6월 4일 부산광역시 지방선거 개표현장 소방력 지원03

Gangwon-do Fire, Rescue, EMS calls statistics

60.70년대 119상황실 대한민국의 소방 역사 사진 이름 정리

󰊱 119 Calls Total Management

○ 119 notifications received: 247,489 * 10.7% increase compared to the same period last year
○ Average monthly 119 reports: 41,248 (1,375 daily averages)
(593 Fires, 4,223 Rescue, 9,938 First Aid, 1,233 Others, 12,703 Information, etc.)
○ Rescue (12%), first aid (3%), other (14%), guidance (7%) increase, fire (23%) decrease
○ By region, Wonju (16%) → Chuncheon (12%) → Gangneung (11%)
󰊲 Performance of life safety support activities
○ Performance: 18,590 * 21.8% year-on-year increase
○ Average monthly processing: 3,098 (103 average per day)
(2,216 honeycomb removal, 406 animal capture, 788 safety measures, 883 lock releases, etc.)
○ The dispatch rate was from honeycomb removal (72%) to animal capture (13%) to natural disaster (6%).
○ By region, Wonju (16%)> Chuncheon (10%)> Gangneung (9%)
󰊳 Performance of Emergency Situation Management Center
○ Performance: 24,272 cases * 6.2% decrease compared to the same period last year
○ Increased consultation on diseases (44%), medical guidance (22%), and reduced medical information provision (16%)
○ By type, medical information provision (49%) → first aid guidance (29%) → medical guidance (12%)
위치 Performance of mobile phone location inquiry
○ Location Information Inquiry: 232 * 14.3% increase compared to the same period last year
○ Monthly inquiry application rate October (25%)> August (23%)> July and September (20%)
○ Reason for request was suspicion of accident (41%) → suicide suspicion (24%) → distress (9%)
○ Location requestor was spouse (27%) → parents (14%) → children (13%)

Rescue, first aid, miscellaneous dispatch, guidance, miscellaneous, misconnection, etc. increased, while the number of fires, ARS, and other agencies were reduced, and the total number of complaints increased by 10.7% compared to the same period last year.

서울종합방재센터 내외부 사진3

In the second half, the number of applications received in the second half was 247,489, an increase of 10.7% (23,999) compared to the same period last year.

The overall reporting rate is in the order of civil complaints (31%), first aid (24%), rescue (10%), fire (1%), etc. (12%), first aid (3%), other outbreaks (14%)

(Monthly) Fire 593, Rescue 4,223, Emergency 9,938, Others 1,233, Information 12,703

※ Compared to the same period last year, the number of fires decreased and rescue and first aid increased.

The actual number of treatments was 738 (21%) out of 4,603 fires, 24,294 (96%) out of 25,336 rescues, and 38,598 (65%) out of 59,627 first aid.

Regions with the highest number of reported cases were Wonju (16%)> Chuncheon (12%)> Gangneung (11%)

The ratio of report to population was in the order of Yangyang (24.7%)> Hoengseong (22.7%)> Goseong (21.8%), and Chuncheon (10.3%), Wonju (11.1%) and Taebaek (11.5%).

※ ‘December, 19,540,540 population in Gangwon-do