Basic Plan for Dangerous Goods Safety Management in 2020

서울소방재난본부 해치 캐릭터 응용형19

❖ Establish basic plan for systematic management such as storing, handling and transporting dangerous goods
❖ Enhance autonomous safety management by enhancing the responsibility of related parties through strict law enforcement
❖ Establish safety management system to prevent fire and leakage accidents of dangerous goods (chemical, gas)

Ⅰ Overview
□ Related grounds
❍ Article 22 (Access, Inspection) of the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act
❍ Article 10 of the Regulations on the Handling of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Establishment of Fire Inspection Plan)
❍ Article 14 of the Regulations on Handling Dangerous Goods Regulations (Investigation of Dangerous Goods)
□ Direction
❍ Strengthening the safety base such as the dangerous goods factory
-Implement safety management measures for dangerous goods in weak periods by month (theme)
-Enhancement of inspection and planning crackdown on dangerous goods manufacturing facilities
-Survey on the actual condition of distribution (import and export) of dangerous goods factories
-Survey and supervision of small amount of dangerous substances (chemicals) such as university and laboratory laboratories
-Joint firefighting inspection for mass dangerous goods facilities and joint training of self-fire departments
❍ Enhance the competency of civil complaint officers
-Strengthen the competence of personnel in charge by supporting technical review of dangerous goods complaints
-Strengthen practical skills through joint confirmation of completed sites and on-site training from specialized institutions
❍ Reinforcing safety management for accident prevention materials
-Preventing and responding to major disasters by checking the actual status of hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials
-Utilization of business through DB management such as hazardous chemical and radioactive substance management card
-Eliminate vulnerable factors through fire safety inspection of large and toxic gas handling facilities
-Entrance inspection by month (theme) such as dangerous goods factories
(Time) Regular conduct by month (theme)
(Objective) Monthly inspection subject selection (sample survey within 5-10% of the subjects by theme)