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Yonsei-KOICA Scholarship Program Hoengseong Fire Station disaster psychology education IMG 5352

i came to know students studying at yonsei university while playing football with them in the campus. those were students who had received koica scholarship and were completing a master’s program, jointly developed by yonsei and koica. officials from developing countries can learn about international development, women and development, public policy, fisheries science, agriculture, and bilateral aid programs in republic of korea. they will go back and lay the groundwork for rural development. the ultimate goal of this program is to equip students with the ability to design and implement new policies and programs in the context of national development policies by benchmarking saemaul undong experience. the course is designed to help students develop knowledge of the scientific research methodology needed to solve the various problems that exist in government systems and rural areas.

i proposed a plan to eunkyung, who manages this master’s program, and invited the students to the fire department. they learned about the korea fire services, how to evacuate in case of fire, and how to perform CPR for a cardiac arrest patient. firefighters and students also played soccer games. it allowed us to learn about each other’s cultures and ways of thinking and to expand our horizons. on the day when some of them returned home, I carried their luggage to the bus terminal by car. before that, we ate bulgogi at a beef restaurant.

Yonsei-KOICA Scholarship Program Hoengseong Fire Station disaster psychology education IMG 5421

‘5 minute rule” How does the Korea Fire Service work?

“5 minute rule.” How does the Korean Fire Service work?

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6974

A fire is an unexpected emergency, one of the worst disasters. That’s why fire safety rules are taught from childhood.
A South Korean correspondent visits the headquarters of a fire station in Hongseong and talks about how the fire service works in this highly developed country.

The staff has prepared a special one-day program for our reportage. First, we met with Lee Sok-Chul, the head of the Hongseong fire station. He spoke about the history of the department, the activities of the fire safety system in Korea and the main departments.

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6861

Li Sok-Chul (이석철)

He said the history of the Korean firefighting system dates back to the 15th century, the Chosun Dynasty.

“In South Korea, the National Fire Service is under the Ministry of Public Security and Protection, and fire safety agencies like ours operate under the provincial Fire Department. Each department has a National Fire Service academy that trains firefighters.

We are always ready to cooperate and exchange experiences with the Uzbek fire service, ”said Mr. Lee, head of the Hoengseong Fire Department.

During our trip we visited the central market of the city. Here, firefighters conducted a special Fire Campaign for the population: about 30 volunteer firefighters, led by the head of the fire safety battalion, distributed special reminders. On the eve of the Korean holiday Seollal, a wonderful gift – a fire detector – was distributed to the population.

This means that volunteer firefighters in Korea can also help put out fires.

We talked to the fire department and tried to find answers to our questions. Our first interlocutor was Kwang-mo Choi (choegwangmo), the leader of the Rescue and Medical Services team, Fire Marshal.

Kwang-mo Choi (right)

  • What are the requirements for employment in the fire service?
  • To become a firefighter, you need to pass a special exam in 3 stages. These are written (40 percent), physical exam (30 percent) and interview (30 percent).
20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6892

The written exam will include questions on law, fire science, English and Korean history.

The physical exam will test the physical condition of future firefighters and their ability to serve in the rescue service through a series of exercises.

The mental state of the candidate also plays an important role in passing the test.

  • What compensation will be paid to the relatives of a firefighter who died during the firefighting?

“If a firefighter is seriously injured in a fire, the state will pay for his treatment and hospitalization.” However, if an accident occurs and the firefighter dies on time, first of all, funds will be raised by his colleagues and the Fire Department headquarters and presented to the family members as a token of gratitude for their courageous service.

Sponsoring companies that work alongside the station also donate large sums of money as donors.

The family of the deceased also receives a monthly allowance from the firefighter. In addition to the pension, the state will provide a one-time cash benefit of half a million dollars.

If the firefighter’s family is registered in the “Patriots of the Nation” system, they will receive a lot of benefits from the state, including access to universities, employment benefits, special funds for starting a small business. may have.

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6936
  • How long does it take for firefighters to reach the scene?

“The government has not set a specific time for firefighters to arrive at the scene.” But in Korea, firefighters try to work according to the “5-minute rule.”

Sometimes it takes 20-30 minutes to reach the outlying areas. In such cases, firefighters turn to fire safety volunteers in the area.

In Korea, the volunteer system is well established, and various fire drills and fire campaigns are held in the regions to raise public awareness on fire safety. The main goal is to increase the responsibility of the population in the event of natural disasters and fires.

It is noteworthy that not only men but also women work here as firefighters. He continued our conversation with Kim Da-Yong (gimdayeon), the youngest firefighter at the fire station.

소방사 김다연 인터뷰 20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6895

“I work as a firefighter in the fire department. My main task is to protect people and their property from fire and extinguish the fire in a timely manner. I chose this profession because I want to make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them. It’s only been a year since I joined this team. So far, I have been involved in more than 10 fires, ”he said.

  • What difficulties do you face in working in this field?

“It’s not difficult for me to fight fires and save lives.” But the biggest challenge in my profession is the way people treat a female firefighter. Sometimes when I go to a rescue site during work hours, I find myself in a difficult position due to the mistrust that people express towards me, the unfounded comments. Most people are not used to seeing a young girl like me in the image of a firefighter. Therefore, I always try to justify the trust of people who follow such misconceptions and do my job to the fullest.

  • How did your parents react to your choice of profession?

“At first they opposed my becoming a firefighter.” But before I agree, I tell them that my goal is serious. I still tell them the details of what I do. As time goes on, they realize how right I was.

Jin Yun-shik (jin yunsig), an experienced emergency medical service worker at Hongseong Fire Station, gave information about what modern technologies employees use during their service:

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6911

Jin Yun-Shik (진윤식)
“After each fire call, the firefighter must report it. Therefore, each firefighter and rescuer is provided with special tablets, through which we are aware of all emergencies.

The ambulance will always have two paramedics and a driver. The staff also has a dedicated GoPro camera. The reason is that we encounter different people in our work. At times, they may even attack an ambulance or get drunk. Cameras, on the other hand, help capture the exact situation.

Another device is a special phone for online communication, and sometimes we feel the need for immediate medical advice. Through this mobile application, we will be able to communicate with doctors live, receive instructions on the necessary operations and use of drugs. “

It turns out that the ambulance service is absolutely free, and if foreigners feel the need for help, but do not know Korean, special translators will help to translate their language.

What is the daily routine of an ambulance worker?

We start the day by checking the ambulance. The situation is then reported to the administrative unit. Each employee performs scheduled exercises on a daily basis. If there are no calls, you can spend your free time sleeping in the living room or hanging out. There will also be online courses to learn best practices from the Cyber ​​Academy distance learning system.

Our last interlocutor was Kang Byung-Il (gangbyeong-il), a fire safety lieutenant and rescuer:

Kang Byung-Il (강병일)
“I have been working as a rescue and firefighter at Hongseong Fire Station for 18 years. Rescue teams are responsible for rescue operations in the event of an accident, such as a car accident, flood, fire, or earthquake. We are also responsible for protecting people from fires while firefighters put them out.

구조대원 강병일 20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6951

My annual salary is around 65-75 million won ($ 50,000-60,000). ”

  • What complex situations do you face in your work?

“Sometimes there are a lot of surprises that make you feel helpless.” Even the biggest challenge in my profession is being impossible during recovery.

Six years ago, heavy rains in the summer caused severe flooding. We went to the rescue area to rescue people, but the floodwaters were so strong that I was afraid I would not be able to rescue people. Fortunately, with the help of rescue volunteers who arrived, we saved the lives of all those who were left in the flood. However, this incident is etched in my memory. Even sometimes insomnia is annoying.

  • How do your family members and children feel about your chosen profession?

My children are very proud of me. And my husband is always worried about me, he’s afraid I’m going to get hurt. I really want my sons to continue my career.

In South Korea, there is no such thing as a holiday for full-time firefighters, rescuers and paramedics. They are only entitled to 20 days of leave for one year.

Prepared by Feruza Avazova.

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6964

This is the translated version of article «5 daqiqa qoidasi» Koreya yong‘in xavfsizligi xizmati qanday ishlaydi?

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2019-2020 Hoengseong Fire Station Major achievements and Plans

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 4728

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2020. 2. 25.
Choi Kwang-mo.

󰊲 Major achievements of 2019 Hoengseong Fire Station
Promote the establishment of a preemptive prevention-oriented safety culture
❍ Supporting vulnerable firefighting facilities (344 households: fire department 80, county support 264)
❍ Designated as a fire-free village: 75 households in one place (fire extinguisher 75, detector 150)
❍ On-site visits to traditional markets and large vulnerable sites during the fire season: 7 locations
❍ Participation in fire insurance liability insurance for multi-use businesses: 108 locations (100% coverage)
❍ 119 firefighting safety classes, including fire station visits: 111, 13,506
❍ Firefighting safety experience booths including Hoengseong Hanwoo Festival: 5 times, 7,270 persons
❍ Implement “Goodbye Fire” Policy for Healing Disaster Psychology of Fire Victims
On-site response system to strengthen disaster response capacity
❍ Expansion of firefighting water facilities: 7 management shifts and 26 repairs
❍ Formulation and training of fire response manuals (high rise buildings, pole tunnels, fire trucks)
❍ Joint fire drills for major forest temples: 7 locations
❍ New installation of safety charger box for air charger and hygienic inspection of containers (137)
Reinforcement of life-oriented rescue and emergency response
❍ Comprehensive emergency rescue training for disasters (May): 15 organizations (groups, 250)
❍ Climbing tree safety guards (April-May, September-October): 2 places (Cheongtaesan, Balgyosan)
❍ Operated the 119 Civilian Rescue Team (July-September): 108 locations
❍ Elementary and middle school student CPR contest: 16 teams from 9 schools
Expansion of fire safety infrastructure for perfect field activities
❍ Commenced work at Community 119 Safety Center (’19 .11.21.
❍ Replacement and reinforcement of 13 old fire engines (high price 1, flue 1, first aid 2, bus 1, other 7)
❍ Asbestos removal work in this book


Ⅳ. 2020. Main task plan of Hoengseong Fire Station
Promotion of theme and atmosphere for spreading fire safety culture
❍ Intensive promotion by time, place, and season on the firefighting policy promotion task
-Intensive publicity promotion using fire-fighting standard publicity materials
-Maximize the promotion of fire safety, such as theme articles and major case reports
❍ Strengthening first-aid education and publicity activities for citizens
-Operation of CPR experience booths at community contact points such as local festivals and water play areas
-Substantial operation of small-social training (digestion, hydrant, cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
-Spread the culture of first aid by holding the CPR Contest

20200123우즈베키스탄 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6936

❍ Creating an atmosphere for youth fire safety culture
-Participated in Gangwon-do 119 Fire Fighting Song Contest
-Promote Gangwon-do Indifferent Children’s Yard, fostering the habit of indifferent living
-Participated in “ Gangwon-do Youth 119 Safety News Contest ” to discover safety issues in everyday life

❍ Creating a customized fire prevention safety atmosphere for winter residents
-119 Safety Culture Event for Foreign Workers and Multicultural Families
-‘119 Safety Experience Hanmadang’ held to create a fire prevention atmosphere in winter
-Fire Safety UCC Competition and 119 Safety News Contest
-Children’s distraction poster and imagination drawing contest

Customized fire prevention measures by season and time
Spring season (March-May) → Cultural assets, traditional temples, ice age buildings, etc.
Winter (November-February) → Large Fire Vulnerability, Multi-use Facilities, etc.
Lunar New Year’s & Chuseok Holidays → Traditional markets, large marts, etc.
Coal Day, Christmas, New Year’s Holiday → Religious Facilities, Multi-use Facilities, etc.
Major events (events), elections (voting booths), SAT (exam hall), etc.
In the event of a major fire, press release, or social attention

Implement safety management activities to establish early response to the vulnerable class
❍ Continue to supply basic living beneficiaries (1,006 households) and second-tier households (143 households)
❍ Promote new fire safety villages and safety homes and follow up
※ Construction of fire-free safety villages: 15 villages (859 households) completed (’11 to ’19)

20190211컨테이너 화재 진압

Proactively establish fire safety system
❍ Firefighting facilities for hospital-class medical institutions (spring sprinklers, liver sprinklers, automated dispatching facilities)
❍ Promoting safety management of new and similar multi-use businesses
-Firefighting facilities survey and education for kids cafe, cartoon cafe, rock bowling alley
❍ Provide training to strengthen safety awareness of multi-employees
-Firefighting safety education through cyber education center (new, occasional, maintenance training)

Reinforced Special Firefighting Investigation to Enhance Social Safety
❍ Check the status of firefighting facility related personnel, firefighting plan, etc.
→ Severe actions in case of violation
❍ Enhance operation of self-managing inspection team: monthly self-inspection and inspection target samples (10 ~ 30%)
❍ In-house and cyber education to strengthen job competency for firefighting special investigators (once a quarter)

횡성소방서 돈사 화재 진압 IMG 0360

Creation of safety base for dangerous goods manufacturing plant
❍ Inspection of dangerous goods such as dangerous goods factories and firefighting inspection (monthly), curbside inspection of transportation and transportation vehicles (once a quarter)
❍ Surveying data on the distribution volume after establishing an integrated information system for dangerous goods (’20 years award)

Implement substantial field safety management
❍ Enhance operation of on-site safety inspectors to completely block safety accidents
-Risk assessment and initial situation assessment system
-Operation of field fire stopping system

❍ Checking the status of safety management, such as implementing safety management and managing personal protective equipment: Once a month

Strengthening fire fighting support system such as regional festivals
❍ Status of large and small festivals
-Large scale festivals: Hanwoo Festival (October), Dunnae Tomato Festival (August)
-Small festivals: Gapcheon Lake Gil Festival (August), Cheongil Deodeok Festival (September), Anheung Steamed Bread Festival (October)
❍ Advance firefighting force, eliminate risks and patrol for site-based response

횡성소방서 화물차량 화재 진압 IMG 0331

Strengthening the organizational capability of the U.S. Fire Brigade
❍ Expand the operation area of ​​medical fire brigade
-Firefighting assistance activities such as fire suppression assistance and safety campaigns (conventional) + life safety sector (expanded)
Through practical activities such as safety guards for climbing trees, honeycomb removal and safety management
Expanding the territory as a safety watchman
-Professional referral training for professional firefighters
Dunnae Mountaineering Professional Fire Service: Gangwon Mountaineering School
Hoengseong Passive Fire Brigade: 7 scuba licenses
-Cultivation of life safety instructors and 119 guardian angel CPR instructors
‘(’18 life safety instructors, 13 CPR instructors, 1 psychological counselor)
❍ Nurture professional firefighters and expand the scope of education
-Current status of professional lecturers: 17 life safety instructors, 30 CPR instructors
※ Status of qualification acquisition in 2019: 4 safety instructors and 15 CPR instructors
❍ Promoting the medical fire brigade
-New medical firefighters’ accident insurance (cooperated with Hoengseong-gun Volunteer Center)
-Industrial visits to advanced medical firefighters and field trips to advanced sites (Global Evaluation Team, etc.)
-Awarded excellence and best medical fire brigade and crew recognition and appreciation plaque (regular and occasional)

횡성소방서 여성 소방관 김다연 Republic of Korea female firefighter Kim Da-yeon 20190823-DSCF2161-편집

Strengthening on-site command capability of emergency rescue control group
Training to establish on-site command, coordination and control in case of disaster
Strengthening cooperation system for emergency rescue support agencies
-Organization and operation of the Emergency Response Agency Council (10 institutions including Hoengseong-gun)
-Comprehensive assessment of emergency rescue agency activities after disaster and training
Comprehensive emergency rescue measures by time and type

Upgraded First Aid Service
❍ Expanding the scope of work for 119 paramedics
※ Special paramedic C type: Designate existing paramedics as special paramedics and dispatch general and severe patients
❍ Improving survival rate by operating heart, brain, and trauma saver
❍ Improving life-saving rate through “Multiple Emergency Box Emergency Training”
-Emergency clinic operation, mobilization of available resources, formation of command organization * and division of roles

Trusted public organization, goal and performance focus management
❍ Create an atmosphere to eradicate drunk driving and implement strong special measures
-119 movements, text messages and letters sent, inspection information, carpool charge system
❍ Maintain dignity of civil servants and implement the nation’s highest integrity
-Injury, assault, sexual harassment, prostitution, sexual assault, domestic violence, abrupt eradication
-Commitment to integrity, designation of anti-charging officers, education on anti-charging law, enforcement of special measures for integrity, etc.
❍ Service check and guidance on the key items “Selection and Concentration” by time and theme
Create a pleasant workplace that you want to go to work
❍ Systemic mental health management
-Special health checkups for all employees * Additional rescue rescue workers in the second half of the year
-Operation of trauma exposure protection program * Changed to recognition of routine health check
(2 or more deaths, child deaths, fellow crew deaths and accident handling experience)
❍ Creating a work welfare environment
-Communication with the Director-General; Empathy “On-site conversation” operation (all year round)
-Cross-meeting communication cnwls with staff
Workplace education and training to cultivate basic competencies
❍ Specialized job training: Linked with the annual education plan of the Jungang and Gangwon Fire Schools
❍ Mental health and PTSD prevention education: Invited professional lecturers twice a year (1st and 2nd half)
❍ Workplace training evaluation (4 points of work performance): work performance ability (internal), firefighting tactics (outside)
Fire Fighting Assistant
❍ Efficiently improve the operation of fire fighting assistants (mandatory firefighting and social service)
-Mentoring system for communication with employees: Selected by medical officers
❍ Creating a working atmosphere and boosting morale by managing “healthy and vibrant barracks”
Firefighting Infrastructure
❍ Build new building for Gapcheon 119 Regional University (to be commenced in June after land purchase in March)
❍ Strengthening driving skills training for those with less than 5 years of experience in large vehicles and new employees
❍ Improvement of firefighting building environment
-Rain shower center female shower room construction (January), the main parking lot expansion (April)

Fire truck self-driving system
❍ Goal
-Improving driving ability evaluation by establishing an external expert commissioning evaluation system
-Seasonal evaluation theme selection and operation reflecting geographic dispatch condition of Hoengseong-gun
❍ Plan
-Operation target: A total of 71 people (persons who are under driving for less than three years for hire and on-site personnel who have a traffic accident)
-Evaluation Committee: 2 ~ 3 skilled at the headquarters and other government fire departments
-Evaluation method: Evaluation of dualization with Basic course / Theme course
・ (Basic course) Arbitration of open space courses such as vacant lands + actual driving in city streets
(Theme Course) Course Selection Evaluation Reflecting Seasonal and Geographical Conditions

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 7203

Hoengseong Fire Station held a safety promotion campaign with Jaurim Kim Yoon-ah and her husband Kim Hyung-gyu

횡성소방서 소방령 박영민 소방교 진민경 예방담당 김정림 자우림 김윤아 김형규 소방교 신호성 소방교 안효영 설 고향집 주택용 소방시설 선물하기 캠페인 횡성휴게소 IMG 0150 횡성소방서 소방령 박영민 소방교 진민경 예방담당 김정림 자우림 김윤아 김형규 소방교 신호성 소방교 안효영 설 고향집 주택용 소방시설 선물하기 캠페인 IMG 0152

Hoengseong Fire Station held a safety promotion campaign at the Hoengseong Rest Area (Gangneung direction) at 2 pm on the 22nd. Jan. for those who visited their hometown. Firefighters were campaigning with ‘Jaurim‘ lead singer Kim Yoon-ah and her husband Kim Hyung-gyu who are interested in fire safety.

The main contents are ▲ experience booths (CPR, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher) ▲ safety campaign with resting place users ▲ new year ‘promotion of residential firefighting devices as Chinese New Year holidays gift’Kim Yun-ah and Kim Hyung-kyu said, “I am happy to participate in a significant event of safety at a rest stop”