2019 wildfire white paper in Gangwon-do

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First of all, I think it is very meaningful to publish a forest fire white paper in April that reviews the field activities such as firefighting and evacuation of human lives. Gangwon-do is a forest of 81% of the total area, and is a treasure trove of forest resources, and dense forests, beautiful nature, clean water and air centered on Baekdu-daegan, are valuable assets that will enrich our future. It is also. Unfortunately, we suffered a disaster that resembled a battlefield in April, with large forest fires that lost about 4,000 times the size of the football field and numerous victims. Though once deprived and frustrated, the Gangwon-do people’s dedication and effort, and firemen, struggling firefighters, medical fire brigades, forestry officials, military servicemen, etc. I could. The permanent restoration of devastated forests will take more than 50 years, but I believe that if we gather the strength and wisdom of all of our citizens, we will be able to restore to the beautiful forests of the past, and we will be an opportunity for telephone restoration. In this context, the publication of this wildfire white paper is considered more deeply, and the forest fire prevention has a great expectation in that it will be a valuable foundation for the construction of forest-free Gangwon-do. Finally, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for your dedication and support in forest fire extinguishing and restoration.

Gangwon provincial governor Choi Moon-soon

2011년 5월 5일 산림청 헬기 강릉 소금강 추락 사고 DSC00902

Forests are where our lives, cultures and history began, and the clean water, clean air and the beautiful natural environment of the forests are valuable assets that enrich human life. In particular, as Gangwon-do is composed mostly of forests, the protection and development of forest resources is becoming more important. Last spring, there was a sad and heartbreaking loss of precious forest resources in our province. The East Coast wildfires, which have caused the worst damage in history, have deeply hurt many people, but it is a great lesson for us that the whole nation has been able to prevent greater disasters. Firefighters from all over the country for the night’s fire suppression, Forest Service family members who led the firefighting activities in the wind, military servicemen, police, volunteers from all over the country, and all the people who gathered their hearts like my work. ! I believe that thanks to the united heart of all people, I was able to overcome the disaster that I could not handle. Therefore, the publication of the 2019 Gangwon Wildfire White Paper, which systematically summarizes and re-examines the history of overcoming forest fires on the east coast, is more meaningful and special. We hope to serve as an opportunity to remind us of our proud history of gathering the strength and wisdom of all the people and overcome our nation’s precious assets, even in the event of a great disaster. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have been striving for forest fire prevention, evolution and recovery, and to all of the officials who have worked hard to make this book. Let’s work hard together. Congratulations on the publication of the “ 2019 Gangwon Wildfire White Paper ”. Thank you.

Chairman of the Gangwon-do council Han Geum-seok

2012년 7월 서울특별시 소방공무원 활동 사진 앨범 소방항공대 입선.은평.북한산 산불 진화

The Gangwon wildfire, which occurred in April after the spring special drying campaign lasted more than 40 days, quickly spread to 2,868 ha of forests and 1,800 dong including housing in just two hours. Kangwon Fire Station has been preparing for disaster response stably since it has suffered large-scale wildfires, such as the East Coast wildfire that occurred in six cities and counties in Samcheok in 2000 and the Yangyang wildfire that lost Naksansa Temple in 2005. As a result, the largest firefighting force was mobilized more rapidly than ever with a unified command system from the Fire Service, the general agency responsible for land disasters, to local fire departments, and the local authorities, police, The organic activities of related organizations, such as military units, were systematically interlocked so that fires could be extinguished in a relatively short time, even in the worst weather conditions.

Firefighters, medical firefighters and firefighting families! Firefighting should focus all its capabilities on developing disaster response capabilities based on the mission that public safety is a priority. This white paper is designed to analyze the disaster of forest fire and describe the evolutionary process in detail to become a manual that strengthens the forest fire response and to serve as a fodder for the sweat and effort of those who participated in the forest fire evolution process. I did it. Other city and provincial firefighters and volunteers who ran and helped the firefighters, medical firefighters, and forest fire-related workers who worked on the fire at all kinds of dangers even in the harshest terrain and in the worst weather conditions. Thank you again for taking this opportunity to all of you. We hope that this white paper will be of little help to all those who are striving for the comfort and safety of the people.

Chung-Sik Kim, Fire Commissioner, Gangwon Fire Headquarters.

Request of an official visit

NYFD Engine No. 38 1854
  1. We admire your efforts and dedication to the safety of the citizens.
  2. Gangwon Fire Headquarters is planning to visit your organization to benchmark
    the advanced fire-fighting, rescue, first aid technology and disaster management system.
  3. Your organization is a superb institution with excellent manpower and equipment and NFPA-certified training facilities. Gangwon Fire Headquarters plans to build a driving education facility and introduce various driving education programs, and this visit will be a valuable opportunity. In the long run, we intend to have our education facilities and programs accredited by the National Fire Protection Association.
  4. Visitors are as follows.
    1) Kim Chung-sik(Fire Deputy Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
    2) Park Tae-won(Fire Assistant Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
    3) Her Kang-young(Fire Battalion Chief, Education Team Manager of Gangwon
    Fire Headquarters)
    4) Lee Goang-seob(Fire Marshall, Administration Manager of Gangwon Fire
    Service Academy)
    5) Choi Kwang-mo(Fire Marshall, Field Response Manager of Heongseong Fire
    6) Hong Seung-wan(Fire Engineer, Equipments & Apparatus Manager of
    Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  5. If possible, we would like to visit between February 28, 2019 and March 8,
  6. The exact visiting date will be specified on the e-mail. We hope you
    will look at it positively.
NYFD Deputy Chief Joseph Curry at the WTC on 2001-09-14

Kim Chungsik (firefighter)

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 4743

Kim Choong-sik is a Korean firefighter. He graduated from Konkuk University, Seoul, and served as the Fire Commissioner the Chungcheongbuk-do Department of Fire, the spokesman of the National Fire Agency, and the Fire Commissioner of the Gangwon Fire Services.

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 7198

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2020. 2. 25.
Choi Kwang-mo.

July 2020

2019-2020 Hoengseong Fire Station Major achievements and Plans

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 4728

I hereby affirm that I am Choi Kwang-mo, the creator and sole owner of the exclusive copyright of the media works in this web page, and have legal authority in my capacity to release the copyright of those works. I agree to publish the above-mentioned content under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain DedicationPublic Domain Mark button
2020. 2. 25.
Choi Kwang-mo.

󰊲 Major achievements of 2019 Hoengseong Fire Station
Promote the establishment of a preemptive prevention-oriented safety culture
❍ Supporting vulnerable firefighting facilities (344 households: fire department 80, county support 264)
❍ Designated as a fire-free village: 75 households in one place (fire extinguisher 75, detector 150)
❍ On-site visits to traditional markets and large vulnerable sites during the fire season: 7 locations
❍ Participation in fire insurance liability insurance for multi-use businesses: 108 locations (100% coverage)
❍ 119 firefighting safety classes, including fire station visits: 111, 13,506
❍ Firefighting safety experience booths including Hoengseong Hanwoo Festival: 5 times, 7,270 persons
❍ Implement “Goodbye Fire” Policy for Healing Disaster Psychology of Fire Victims
On-site response system to strengthen disaster response capacity
❍ Expansion of firefighting water facilities: 7 management shifts and 26 repairs
❍ Formulation and training of fire response manuals (high rise buildings, pole tunnels, fire trucks)
❍ Joint fire drills for major forest temples: 7 locations
❍ New installation of safety charger box for air charger and hygienic inspection of containers (137)
Reinforcement of life-oriented rescue and emergency response
❍ Comprehensive emergency rescue training for disasters (May): 15 organizations (groups, 250)
❍ Climbing tree safety guards (April-May, September-October): 2 places (Cheongtaesan, Balgyosan)
❍ Operated the 119 Civilian Rescue Team (July-September): 108 locations
❍ Elementary and middle school student CPR contest: 16 teams from 9 schools
Expansion of fire safety infrastructure for perfect field activities
❍ Commenced work at Community 119 Safety Center (’19 .11.21.
❍ Replacement and reinforcement of 13 old fire engines (high price 1, flue 1, first aid 2, bus 1, other 7)
❍ Asbestos removal work in this book


Ⅳ. 2020. Main task plan of Hoengseong Fire Station
Promotion of theme and atmosphere for spreading fire safety culture
❍ Intensive promotion by time, place, and season on the firefighting policy promotion task
-Intensive publicity promotion using fire-fighting standard publicity materials
-Maximize the promotion of fire safety, such as theme articles and major case reports
❍ Strengthening first-aid education and publicity activities for citizens
-Operation of CPR experience booths at community contact points such as local festivals and water play areas
-Substantial operation of small-social training (digestion, hydrant, cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
-Spread the culture of first aid by holding the CPR Contest

20200123우즈베키스탄 kun.uz 기자 Feruza Avazova Alisherovna 횡성소방서 취재 IMG 6936

❍ Creating an atmosphere for youth fire safety culture
-Participated in Gangwon-do 119 Fire Fighting Song Contest
-Promote Gangwon-do Indifferent Children’s Yard, fostering the habit of indifferent living
-Participated in “ Gangwon-do Youth 119 Safety News Contest ” to discover safety issues in everyday life

❍ Creating a customized fire prevention safety atmosphere for winter residents
-119 Safety Culture Event for Foreign Workers and Multicultural Families
-‘119 Safety Experience Hanmadang’ held to create a fire prevention atmosphere in winter
-Fire Safety UCC Competition and 119 Safety News Contest
-Children’s distraction poster and imagination drawing contest

Customized fire prevention measures by season and time
Spring season (March-May) → Cultural assets, traditional temples, ice age buildings, etc.
Winter (November-February) → Large Fire Vulnerability, Multi-use Facilities, etc.
Lunar New Year’s & Chuseok Holidays → Traditional markets, large marts, etc.
Coal Day, Christmas, New Year’s Holiday → Religious Facilities, Multi-use Facilities, etc.
Major events (events), elections (voting booths), SAT (exam hall), etc.
In the event of a major fire, press release, or social attention

Implement safety management activities to establish early response to the vulnerable class
❍ Continue to supply basic living beneficiaries (1,006 households) and second-tier households (143 households)
❍ Promote new fire safety villages and safety homes and follow up
※ Construction of fire-free safety villages: 15 villages (859 households) completed (’11 to ’19)

20190211컨테이너 화재 진압

Proactively establish fire safety system
❍ Firefighting facilities for hospital-class medical institutions (spring sprinklers, liver sprinklers, automated dispatching facilities)
❍ Promoting safety management of new and similar multi-use businesses
-Firefighting facilities survey and education for kids cafe, cartoon cafe, rock bowling alley
❍ Provide training to strengthen safety awareness of multi-employees
-Firefighting safety education through cyber education center (new, occasional, maintenance training)

Reinforced Special Firefighting Investigation to Enhance Social Safety
❍ Check the status of firefighting facility related personnel, firefighting plan, etc.
→ Severe actions in case of violation
❍ Enhance operation of self-managing inspection team: monthly self-inspection and inspection target samples (10 ~ 30%)
❍ In-house and cyber education to strengthen job competency for firefighting special investigators (once a quarter)

횡성소방서 돈사 화재 진압 IMG 0360

Creation of safety base for dangerous goods manufacturing plant
❍ Inspection of dangerous goods such as dangerous goods factories and firefighting inspection (monthly), curbside inspection of transportation and transportation vehicles (once a quarter)
❍ Surveying data on the distribution volume after establishing an integrated information system for dangerous goods (’20 years award)

Implement substantial field safety management
❍ Enhance operation of on-site safety inspectors to completely block safety accidents
-Risk assessment and initial situation assessment system
-Operation of field fire stopping system

❍ Checking the status of safety management, such as implementing safety management and managing personal protective equipment: Once a month

Strengthening fire fighting support system such as regional festivals
❍ Status of large and small festivals
-Large scale festivals: Hanwoo Festival (October), Dunnae Tomato Festival (August)
-Small festivals: Gapcheon Lake Gil Festival (August), Cheongil Deodeok Festival (September), Anheung Steamed Bread Festival (October)
❍ Advance firefighting force, eliminate risks and patrol for site-based response

횡성소방서 화물차량 화재 진압 IMG 0331

Strengthening the organizational capability of the U.S. Fire Brigade
❍ Expand the operation area of ​​medical fire brigade
-Firefighting assistance activities such as fire suppression assistance and safety campaigns (conventional) + life safety sector (expanded)
Through practical activities such as safety guards for climbing trees, honeycomb removal and safety management
Expanding the territory as a safety watchman
-Professional referral training for professional firefighters
Dunnae Mountaineering Professional Fire Service: Gangwon Mountaineering School
Hoengseong Passive Fire Brigade: 7 scuba licenses
-Cultivation of life safety instructors and 119 guardian angel CPR instructors
‘(’18 life safety instructors, 13 CPR instructors, 1 psychological counselor)
❍ Nurture professional firefighters and expand the scope of education
-Current status of professional lecturers: 17 life safety instructors, 30 CPR instructors
※ Status of qualification acquisition in 2019: 4 safety instructors and 15 CPR instructors
❍ Promoting the medical fire brigade
-New medical firefighters’ accident insurance (cooperated with Hoengseong-gun Volunteer Center)
-Industrial visits to advanced medical firefighters and field trips to advanced sites (Global Evaluation Team, etc.)
-Awarded excellence and best medical fire brigade and crew recognition and appreciation plaque (regular and occasional)

횡성소방서 여성 소방관 김다연 Republic of Korea female firefighter Kim Da-yeon 20190823-DSCF2161-편집

Strengthening on-site command capability of emergency rescue control group
Training to establish on-site command, coordination and control in case of disaster
Strengthening cooperation system for emergency rescue support agencies
-Organization and operation of the Emergency Response Agency Council (10 institutions including Hoengseong-gun)
-Comprehensive assessment of emergency rescue agency activities after disaster and training
Comprehensive emergency rescue measures by time and type

Upgraded First Aid Service
❍ Expanding the scope of work for 119 paramedics
※ Special paramedic C type: Designate existing paramedics as special paramedics and dispatch general and severe patients
❍ Improving survival rate by operating heart, brain, and trauma saver
❍ Improving life-saving rate through “Multiple Emergency Box Emergency Training”
-Emergency clinic operation, mobilization of available resources, formation of command organization * and division of roles

Trusted public organization, goal and performance focus management
❍ Create an atmosphere to eradicate drunk driving and implement strong special measures
-119 movements, text messages and letters sent, inspection information, carpool charge system
❍ Maintain dignity of civil servants and implement the nation’s highest integrity
-Injury, assault, sexual harassment, prostitution, sexual assault, domestic violence, abrupt eradication
-Commitment to integrity, designation of anti-charging officers, education on anti-charging law, enforcement of special measures for integrity, etc.
❍ Service check and guidance on the key items “Selection and Concentration” by time and theme
Create a pleasant workplace that you want to go to work
❍ Systemic mental health management
-Special health checkups for all employees * Additional rescue rescue workers in the second half of the year
-Operation of trauma exposure protection program * Changed to recognition of routine health check
(2 or more deaths, child deaths, fellow crew deaths and accident handling experience)
❍ Creating a work welfare environment
-Communication with the Director-General; Empathy “On-site conversation” operation (all year round)
-Cross-meeting communication cnwls with staff
Workplace education and training to cultivate basic competencies
❍ Specialized job training: Linked with the annual education plan of the Jungang and Gangwon Fire Schools
❍ Mental health and PTSD prevention education: Invited professional lecturers twice a year (1st and 2nd half)
❍ Workplace training evaluation (4 points of work performance): work performance ability (internal), firefighting tactics (outside)
Fire Fighting Assistant
❍ Efficiently improve the operation of fire fighting assistants (mandatory firefighting and social service)
-Mentoring system for communication with employees: Selected by medical officers
❍ Creating a working atmosphere and boosting morale by managing “healthy and vibrant barracks”
Firefighting Infrastructure
❍ Build new building for Gapcheon 119 Regional University (to be commenced in June after land purchase in March)
❍ Strengthening driving skills training for those with less than 5 years of experience in large vehicles and new employees
❍ Improvement of firefighting building environment
-Rain shower center female shower room construction (January), the main parking lot expansion (April)

Fire truck self-driving system
❍ Goal
-Improving driving ability evaluation by establishing an external expert commissioning evaluation system
-Seasonal evaluation theme selection and operation reflecting geographic dispatch condition of Hoengseong-gun
❍ Plan
-Operation target: A total of 71 people (persons who are under driving for less than three years for hire and on-site personnel who have a traffic accident)
-Evaluation Committee: 2 ~ 3 skilled at the headquarters and other government fire departments
-Evaluation method: Evaluation of dualization with Basic course / Theme course
・ (Basic course) Arbitration of open space courses such as vacant lands + actual driving in city streets
(Theme Course) Course Selection Evaluation Reflecting Seasonal and Geographical Conditions

20200221강원소방본부장 김충식 횡성소방서 방문 IMG 7203