-To improve the mental health of firefighters- Peer Psychological Counseling Operation Plan in 2020

-To improve the mental health of firefighters-
Peer Psychological Counseling Operation Plan in 2020

2013년 7월 서울특별시 중구 서울소방재난본부 감사팀장 이원주 여성 소방공무원 간담회 DSC 6358

◇ Relieve psychological shocks and prevent occurrence of PTSD during various firefighting activities
◇ Early stress prevention, management and improvement of awareness by linking professional psychotherapy with rapid psychological recovery elasticity through peer psychological counseling

배경 Background
○ In the past three years, 2,845 average annual medical examinations for firefighting civil servants showed that 2.9 ~ 30.9% of those in need of treatment for PTSD, depression sleep disorder and alcohol disorder

※ Persons treated with PTSD per 100,000 persons (persons): Firefighting 375, Police 76, Seascape 255, General workplace 50
※ The number of people treated for depression per 100,000 persons (Fire) 5,102, Police 4,629, Maritime Police 5,524, General workplace 4,392

○ Psychological impairments or wrong habits caused by mental shock are fundamentally limited by short-term methods such as temporary counseling or healing camps.
→ Due to the nature of the disaster response job that emphasizes collective and teamwork, there is an urgent need for lateral support channels such as continuous interest and consultation of colleagues who share a large part of them.

󰊲 Operational results and improvements for 2019
󰊲-1 2019 Operation Results
○ Outline
-Designated number: 526 persons / Headquarters (Department, Room, Group) Designated by each team at each department (department) *
* Includes 40 trainees of peer psychology counseling in Gangwon-do Fire School in 2019
-Hours of Operation: No limit
-Counseling method: 1: 1 or group method by seniors, juniors and colleagues

○ effect
-Reducing stress by establishing stable trust relationships through conversations about fire culture, environment, and field activities of new hires
-Counseling activities for personal difficulties such as post-traumatic stress (e.g. family and child problems)
-Early stress prevention, management and improvement of awareness by linking rapid psychological resilience and professional counseling treatment
○ Improvements
-Due to the large number of new employees, generational sentiment, and value differences over the past two years, it is necessary to form a good personal relationship in the workplace through more communication.
-For new employees, there is a high possibility of post-traumatic stress due to the sight of a catastrophic accident.
-Prompt connection with the Mind Health Program through peer counseling (visiting counseling room, reassurance program, healing camp participation, etc.)

󰊳 Propulsion direction
○ Creation of counseling environment without time and place restrictions through seniors, colleagues, and juniors
○ Basic theory education for group counseling (grouping and e-learning)
○ Perfect protection of personal information for comfortable consultation and quick recovery
○ Enhance treatment efficiency in connection with existing psychological counseling and healing programs such as healing camps
○ Overcoming the existing counseling environment that does not take into account the nature of the job and the characteristics of the organization
○ Establishing a mentally harmonious and communicative atmosphere, establishing a successful disaster response base and improving the quality of firefighting services for the public

󰊴 Promotion plan
󰊴-1 Peer counseling
○ Designated Person: Division (Department), Rescue Team, Center, Area Team 1 designated by each team *

  • Staff who have a good listening and empathy ability, and have the ability to consult with the members of the team.
    Designate those who have high trust or related education
    ○ Scope of operation: Teams at each department (department), rescue team, center and regional team
    ○ Location: Comfortable spaces such as offices and non-Japanese restaurants during work
    ○ Hours of Operation: No limit
    ○ Counseling method: 1: 1 or group by seniors, juniors and colleagues
    ○ Record management: None → Not managed for smooth consultation and healing
    ○ Main contents
    -Determining counselors and counselors, taking into account the shocking disasters experienced during field activities and the degree of similar experiences.
    -Consultation 1: 1 or group by any time and place
    -Natural counseling, such as talking with colleagues, reducing burden on the consultant
    -Repeat counseling according to the healing process of colleagues who need psychological healing
    -If necessary, consult with a professional counselor, psychiatrist, etc. 󰊴-2 Counseling Basic Theory
    ○ Target: All firefighters
    ○ Curriculum: Contents related to counseling such as healing, basic counseling and psychology
    ○ Course and Method
    -(Gangwon Fire School Group Education)
    ∘ Regular Course Opening: Plan to cultivate 80 students in the 2nd term of the 20-year peer counseling course
    40 trainees who completed ‘Peer Psychological Counseling’ in Gangwon-do Fire School in 2019
    ∘Education subjects: ‘Co-worker counseling’ subjects for more than one week, 2-3 hours
    -(Electronic media education) Active utilization of national and prominent private corporation development contest
    -Occasional training workplace lectures, workshops, job seminars, etc. 󰊴-3 Privacy
    ○ Problems that may occur during implementation
    -A positive system to help the healing of fellow employees who need mental and psychological healing,
    -Possible psychological deterioration depending on the individual’s disposition ○ Main contents
    -Intentional or unintentional, refraining from giving psychological burden to counselors due to exposure of counseling facts.
    -Approaching with affection and love for colleagues rather than counseling
    -Do not despise or indiscriminately spread the contents of consultation in any case.
    -Intermediate role of connecting secret counseling information to professional counselors 󰊴-4 Linked to Healing Programs
    ○ Visiting Counseling Office
    -(’18 to ’19) Consultation with 2,605 Government Offices
    -Aim to consult with all employees every year (after 18 years)
    -(Main contents) ① First risk group screening through online questionnaire (about 150 questions in 11 fields), ② In-depth counseling by professional counselor centered on risk classifier, Final risk group screening, ③ Final risk group classifier Hospital specialized treatment ← Confidentiality
    • (’18 ~ ’19) commissioned by Hallym University Fire Psychological Support Group (5 counselors)
      -(Linked) Non-recommendation of peer staff who need counseling other than screening risk group classifiers to professional counselors.
    ○ Assurance program for employees exposed to trauma
    -Exposed 971 civil servants to 171 traumatic trauma incidents (’15 to ’19)
    • (Shock trauma) Simultaneous deaths of two or more persons, death of a child, retirement of a fellow, physical cutting, assault, suicide, etc.
      -(Treatment support) Free medical treatment and treatment for traumatized public officials and their families who want to be treated at Chuncheon National Hospital and 2 other hospitals (Naean Hospital and Yulgok Hospital).
      -(Linked) Shock trauma exposure and family treatment, indirect guidance and promotion that require treatment ← Early refreshment support

○ Healing Camp
-(Gangwon Firefighting Headquarters) 407 participants from ’14 to ’19
예정 ‘Expected to expand to 19 days by 19

-(Fire Authority) 226 firefighters from 18 to 19 years participated, parting 4-5 days

-(Linked) Highly recommended for fellow employees who need healing ← Early refreshment support

○ Physical and mental healing education for employees who need psychological stability
-(Gangwon Provincial Fire School) ’18 Years ‘and ’19 Years Post-Travel Stress Class’ and 3 Curriculum 198 students completed, 3-5 days
-(Linked) Highly recommended for fellow employees who need healing ← Early refreshment support

󰊴 Request and administrative matter
○ Each department shall establish its own self-promotion plan by February 20 (Thur).
○ In all departments
-(Pre) Set up an atmosphere of mutual trust among fellow employees that prioritizes and encourages consideration and encourages consideration for peers who need healing
-(I) Efforts for stable settlement by freely and casually consulting and systematically supplementing the system beyond the formal framework
-Actively provide special lectures for communication and harmony when operating workplace training, workshops, and job seminars.
-Colleagues who depreciate counseling or spread rumors and cause psychological deterioration to counselors are strongly reviewed and enforced.

○ In all departments, the results of peer psychological counseling based on the attachment form are reported every other month (even months), and the designation of peer counselors (including those who completed education in 19) by 2. 20.