National 119 Rescue Headquarters activities photos

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On-Site Inspection for Iksan 119 Chemical Rescue Center and Iksan Dongwoo Fine-Cam Chemical Manufacturing Plant

On-site inspection of Iksan 119 Chemical Rescue Center

2020소방청장 정문호 익산119화학구조센터 현장점검 및 익산 동우화인캠 화학약품제조공장 현장점검 사진 (4) 2020소방청장 정문호 익산119화학구조센터 현장점검 및 익산 동우화인캠 화학약품제조공장 현장점검 사진 (1)

-Commissioner Jung Moon-ho visited the Iksan 119 Chemical Rescue Center located in Iksan, Jeonbuk, and promptly inspected the situation as a special boundary service was prepared for the Lunar New Year disaster on February 18, 2019.
-The chief of the fire department encouraged the members and asked them to be more prepared to respond so that there are no fatalities due to disasters during the special duty of the full moon.

Field inspection of chemical manufacturing plant

2020소방청장 정문호 익산119화학구조센터 현장점검 및 익산 동우화인캠 화학약품제조공장 현장점검 사진 (9)

-Jung Mun-ho, the chief of the fire department, visited the Dongwoo Fine-Cam chemical manufacturing plant in Iksan-si, Jeonbuk on Monday, February 18, 2019 to check the fire safety management site. .
-The Commissioner of the Fire Department requested to report promptly to avoid further damages due to self-resolution in case of an accident and to make efforts to collaborate with fire departments under the jurisdiction.

Jeong Moonho’s Encouragement visit to Honam 119 Special Rescue Team

Encouragement visit of Honam 119 Special Rescue Team

-On February 12, Chung Mun-ho encouraged firefighters on duty at the Honam 119 Special Rescue Team in Hwasun, Jeonnam.
-The Honam 119 Special Rescue Team is carrying out activities to prevent and respond to special accident lifesaving and chemical accidents in the Honam area (Gwangju, Jeonnam, North, and Jeju).

2020소방청장 정문호 중앙119구조본부 호남119특수구조대 격려방문사진 (2)