Request of an official visit

NYFD Engine No. 38 1854
  1. We admire your efforts and dedication to the safety of the citizens.
  2. Gangwon Fire Headquarters is planning to visit your organization to benchmark
    the advanced fire-fighting, rescue, first aid technology and disaster management system.
  3. Your organization is a superb institution with excellent manpower and equipment and NFPA-certified training facilities. Gangwon Fire Headquarters plans to build a driving education facility and introduce various driving education programs, and this visit will be a valuable opportunity. In the long run, we intend to have our education facilities and programs accredited by the National Fire Protection Association.
  4. Visitors are as follows.
    1) Kim Chung-sik(Fire Deputy Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
    2) Park Tae-won(Fire Assistant Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
    3) Her Kang-young(Fire Battalion Chief, Education Team Manager of Gangwon
    Fire Headquarters)
    4) Lee Goang-seob(Fire Marshall, Administration Manager of Gangwon Fire
    Service Academy)
    5) Choi Kwang-mo(Fire Marshall, Field Response Manager of Heongseong Fire
    6) Hong Seung-wan(Fire Engineer, Equipments & Apparatus Manager of
    Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  5. If possible, we would like to visit between February 28, 2019 and March 8,
  6. The exact visiting date will be specified on the e-mail. We hope you
    will look at it positively.
NYFD Deputy Chief Joseph Curry at the WTC on 2001-09-14