Outline of Fire-Vulnerable Senior Citizen Safety Guards

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Business purpose and necessity
○ As the elderly population continues to increase, the safety measures are urgent as the risk of safety accidents increases.
○ 42.1% of safety accident fatalities were aged 65 or older, and in particular, most safety accidents occurred in homes, and 44.9% of the elderly died from fire.
○ Private living spaces for senior citizens who are uncomfortable with movement and are living alone are blind spots that cannot be managed by inspection and education. The elderly are the number one in housing fire mortality.
○ ‘Full Care Care Service’ is provided by checking safety conditions such as falling accidents and fires throughout the life of seniors by using safety experts of the same age as seniors
○ The synergy effect of relieving the loneliness of the elderly and building a tight social safety net for the elderly generation by utilizing the professional skills of retired firefighters
○ By utilizing know-how on fire, safety and emergency in general, risk factors can be detected and eliminated early on the basis of preventive events such as fires and falls. This creates a safe living base for the fire vulnerable silver generation.

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Role of ‘Elderly Safeguard’
▪ (Safety training) Basic knowledge of safety such as fire, fall prevention training, etc.
(Emergency medical) Preparation of dementia test sheets, submission of public health centers, blood pressure checks, first aid and medical institutions
(Relief BOX delivery) Safety socks, straw cup for silver, hygiene consumables (wet tissues), urinary incontinence products
▪ (Safety equipment installed) Fire alarm, anti-slip mat, safety bar, safety handle, non-operation detector, etc.
▪ (Household Service) Adjusting the height of the sink and removing risks and inconveniences

Qualifications for ‘Elderly Safeguards’

  • Safety management skills must be in place, such as eliminating disaster risks and discomfort for seniors.
  • Also, have the ability to check and take care of the safety status of the elderly households in all aspects of living safety.
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