Exhibition Opened for 600 Years of Korea Fire Service History

When did the first fire department come about? Unusual Exhibition Opened for 600 Years of Fire History
-National Archives of Korea, Firefighting Agency Exhibition 600 Years of Firefighting, Geumhwa-gun, Firefighters, Firefighters-

대한민국의 소방 역사 사진31

□ When did the first fire station occur in Korea, how did the fire go out in the past, and how did the firefighters change?
○ A unique exhibition will be held to answer these questions.
□ The National Archives of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (Director So-yeon Lee) and the National Fire Service Office (Jung Moon-ho) will open an exhibition entitled “600 Years of Firefighting, Geumhwa-gun, Firefighters and Firefighters” at Boramae Safety Experience Center in Seoul from November 5 to 19. Said.
○ This exhibition was designed to examine the history of Korean firefighting and celebrate the firefighter’s dedication, sacrifice and hard work for the 57th anniversary of the firefighting day.
□ ‘Geumhwa-gun, Firefighters, and Firefighters’ is a name for firefighters by age. According to the intention of planning, from the Joseon Dynasty to the present day, the archives of the National Archives of Korea and about 100 administrative relics of the National Fire Service are displayed to show the changes in firefighting policy and firefighter activities.
○ Looking at the main exhibits, 31 books of 10 books of Sejong are displayed. In the memorandum, there is a record of the installation of a gold coin illustration book in the capital city by the fire of Hanseong Ministry. The National Archives of Korea explained that the city’s first fire station could be considered as a unique organization to manage fires.
○ There are also regulations on the reproduction of firefighters in 1908 and Gazette No. 169 in 1949. The two data show how the clothes of firemen in 1908 and the firemen in 1949 can be compared.
○ Photographs and incident records of fire fighters during the major disasters that occurred after the 1970s, including the Daeyeongak Hotel fire, the collapse of Seongsu Bridge and Sampoong Department Store, and Daegu subway fire, are also available.
○ At the exhibition, a fire-fighting helmet that melted in the fire during a housing fire in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, in October 2018, and a pine tree that burned during the wildfire in Gangwon-do in April 2019 will be displayed.
□ National Archives Director Lee So-yeon said, “It is an exhibition where you can reflect on the history of fire that was not well known, and you can feel the sacrifices and hardships of firefighters once again.” I hope it will be time to reflect on the importance of safety and appreciation. ”

1920년대 경성소방서 전직원 단체사진 1900년대 광화문앞 해재석상