Analysis of Corona19 Virus Genetic Analysis, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

20200227severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)2

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the results of analysis of viral genes from six patients with Corona19 with high resolution pictures of it. As a result of the analysis, no mutations have yet been found in the cell binding sites that play an important role in invading the human body, and in the gene sites responsible for virus proliferation and pathogenicity. Compared with a total of 103 corona19 virus genes from 16 countries including Australia, Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, United States, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam, the concordance rate was 99.89 ~ 100%. The absence of genetic mutations in the corona virus means that there are no fears of toxicological changes due to mutations or errors such as genetic testing. Jeong Eun-kyung, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “We have released high-resolution pictures of the Corona 19 virus that was taken using an electron microscope. As we are currently analyzing the proliferative and cross-reaction with human coronavirus antibodies in our cells, more detailed analyzes for prevention and response will be available soon.”

20200227severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)1

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