There is volunteer fire brigade where there are neighbors in need.

□ The National Fire Service (Jung Mun-ho) said last year that more than 100,000 volunteer firefighters from across the country conducted 329,515 (2,375,917) firefighting activities and 2,375,917 volunteers (301,123 employees) at various disaster sites.
• Legal Basis: ‘The Act on the Installation and Operation of volunteer Fire Brigade’
• Composition: 95,276 people in 3,883 units (’19)

2,772 main colleges, 630 regional colleges, 263 technical colleges, and 218 professional colleges
** 71,367 headquarters, 12,728 local colleges, 5,557 technical colleges, 5,624 full-time colleges
• Major duties: Assistance in firefighting operations such as firefighting, rescue and first aid ○ Particularly, volunteer firefighters from all over the country collected donations (140 million won) to build fire-fighting crew members (Gangneung Kim 00 Daewon) who were burned down by wildfires on the east coast of Gangwon-do last April. did.
○ In addition, as a result of the heavy rains of the 18th typhoon “ MITAG ” in October last year, many damages occurred in Gyeongbuk area, and 241 volunteer firefighters from Busan, Daegu and Daejeon visit Gyeongbuk (Youngdeok-gun and Uljin-gun). △ Washing of household goods for 26 houses, △ Support for restoration of three warehouses, △ Clearance of 2,400 pyeong of orchards and paddy fields, and △ Removal of 37 tons of waste, including beaches.
○ The volunteer fire brigades are not only volunteering but also active instructors. From 2015 to last year, more than 2.3 million people were trained by participating in a total of 42,952 sessions including CPR and psychological counseling.
Starting this year, the volunteer fire brigade plans to provide caring services to elderly people whose physical and cognitive abilities are declining in line with the aging society. This service is provided by medical firefighters who have received professional training such as safety education and mental health counseling for senior citizens.
□ Lee In-woo, chairman of the Union of Korean Fire Brigade, is a group of volunteer firefighters who live together with residents and provide safety services to local communities that protect their lives and property. He said.
□ The Korean volunteer fire brigade was established by the firefighters who voluntarily created since the late 1890s when Japanese people lived in the open port. The medical fire brigade is organized not only in Korea but also in every country of the world.