Letter of request regarding Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy

Letter of request regarding Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy  (2019) 
by Gangwon Fire Headquarters

강원소방본부장 김충식 통역 최광모 워싱턴 D.C. 소방학교장 20190228Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation's Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy44

Official document written by Fire Marshall Choi Kwang-mo, signed and approved by Kim Choong-sik, Fire Commissioner of Gangwon Fire Headquarters.[1] Public Disclosure Information[2] under KOGL Type 1[3]Gangwon Fire Headquarters delegation visited Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy on February 28, 2019

Dear public relationship officer of District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department,

We admire your efforts and dedication to the safety of the citizens of United States and District of Columbia.

Gangwon Fire Headquarters is planning to visit fire safety organizations of USA to benchmark the advanced fire, rescue, first aid technology and disaster management system.

As far as we know, District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department is providing fire protection and emergency medical service for the District of Columbia citizens handling 225,000 annual calls with 2,130 employees. As an organ of the devolved district government, DC FEMS is also responsible for providing fire, EMS, hazardous materials containment for the federal district including the White House.[4] We understand that your agency, responsible for the safety of Federal government buildings and officials, is protecting citizens’ lives and property in an effective and visible way.

Gangwon Fire Headquarters plans to build a driving education facility and introduce various programs, and this visit will be a valuable opportunity for us to benchmark your services. In the long run, we intend to have our education facilities and programs accredited by National Fire Protection Association and Pro Board in the same way DC FEMS is educating firefighters and running courses.

Visitors are as follows.

  1. Kim Choong-sik (Fire Deputy Chief, Fire Commissioner of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  2. Park Tae-won (Fire Assistant Chief, Chief of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
  3. Heo Gang-young (Fire Battalion Chief, Education Team Manager of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)
  4. Lee Goang-seob (Fire Marshall, Administration Manager of Gangwon Fire Service Academy)
  5. Choi Kwang-mo (Fire Marshall, Field Command Manager of Heongseong Fire Station)
  6. Hong Seung-wan (Fire Engineer, Equipments & Apparatus Manager of Gangwon Fire Headquarters)

If possible, we would like to visit on February 28th (Thu). We appreciate your advice on the time and the sequence of the visit and hope it will be reviewed positively.

Best Regards,

Kim Choong-sik

Fire Commissioner
Gangwon Fire Headquarters


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Gangwon Fire Headquarters Delegation’s Visit to Washington DC Fire & EMS Training Academy, February 28, 2019

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